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Row. ABC news, Washington. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell calls outgoing US ambassador to the UN. Nikki Haley achey part to the administration's team speaking on the Senate floor today McConnell said our nation has benefited greatly from the tough skilled leadership that Nikki Haley brought to the UN Healy announced this morning that she would be stepping down at the end of the year. She said serving in the Trump administration has been the honor of a lifetime. The father of a blue chip college basketball, recruit testifies that an assistant coach at the university of Louisville gave him a secret cash payment. Brian Bowen senior described the thirteen hundred dollar cash payment Tuesday to a New York federal jury in a corruption trial. He said assistant coach Kenny Jonsson gave him the money but told him Louisville. Didn't normally pay basketball players Johnson was never accused of a crime. He was fired last year. A former Adidas executive and two other defendants have pleaded not guilty to charges they sought to use an under the table. One hundred thousand dollar payment from Adidas to get Bowen's son to sign with Louisville. The father testified that he expected Johnson would also give him extra cash for rent. Suzanne Duval, NewsRadio eight forty WHAT. Yes. We now know more about why limousine that crashed in upstate New York. Flunked a safety inspection state transportation records show, the ill-fated limousine was cited for six violations after his September fourth inspection. One of them involve the antilock braking system. The report does not make clear whether this was minor or whether it's signal a bigger problem with the brakes. The limousine was also cited for failing to correct a prior defect. But the report did not say what that defect was the NTSB has found. No sign of skid marks before the limousine ran a stop sign and impacted at high speed killing twenty people all of whom police have now formally identified Aaron Katersky. ABC news New York more than two thousand people have been killed in Indonesia's twin disasters this ad update. From officials now preparing to end a search for survivors of the September. Twenty-eighth earthquake and sue NAMI State Department. Spokeswoman Heather Nauert, USA ideas..

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