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You by straight talk wireless. Best phones. Best networks, no contracts. There's a surefire way to take the spotlight off. The fact that Lee Smith and Harold Baines are being inducted into Cooperstown. This summer. It's to come back and have the writers elect someone unanimously for the first time in history. Mariano Rivera named on four hundred twenty five ballots becomes the first player ever to be named on. One hundred percent Ken Griffey junior held the Mark for the top percentage. Ninety nine point three. Two years ago. Tom Seaver ninety eight point eight and nine hundred ninety two Nolan. Ryan was on ninety eight point eight percent Cal Ripken ninety eight point five, Ty. Cobb ninety eight point two George Brett ninety eight point two, Hank. Aaron Tony Gwynn. Randy johnson. Greg Maddux Chipper Jones. Mike schmidt. Johnny bench. Steve Carlton, Babe, Ruth, hana's Wagner, all voted in with at least ninety five percent over the years. But it wasn't until two thousand nineteen at someone received. One hundred percent Morano Rivera ESPN insider, Tim Kirkman. He's the greatest closer of all time. There is not a close second on the character scale. No one's better than him. As far as postseason goes, no pitcher maybe ever has been better than him. And you just put everything together on how he dominated that position. And I'm just so happy that somebody finally got in unanimously, and we don't have to talk about that. That all the time anymore. So does this start like an new trend over the next few years? Do you think we'll see more of this players that just you NAMI jeeter's up next year? So are we going to see more unanimous hall of famers in your mind? I would say we're not going to see more maybe one more somewhere along the line, but not many more next year. Someone will make a point to Derrick jeeter wasn't as good defensively as number showed, which is preposterous. You should be. He should be a first ballot unanimous hall of Famer also to me is one of the three greatest shortstops of all time played the way he did for twenty years. I want to get to the other people who were abducted, but looking at the very small relatively percentage for bonds. You know to to go up, and what we've said before about how much you need to increase year-by-year order to make it feel like there's a likelihood you're getting in does this sort of tell you that without a total sea change in public opinion over the next three years. Those guys aren't getting in the that's what I see from today. Now things can change keep in mind. Edgar Martinez started at twenty five percent ended at eighty five percent. So you can make a push. But there's no baggage with Edgar like there are like there is what those other steroid guys. With fifty nine percent Clemens with fifty nine and a half percent. Of course. It's Mariano Rivera who gets one hundred percent ESPN analyst Mark Sharon played with him in New York to me. He's one hundred percent because when you look at you know, arguably the best pitcher arguably the best center fielder. Yeah. There's a lot of arguments you can make an history of baseball. There is no argument. You.

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