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Games over with that little amount of time left the men there's no question whatsoever i think they're question will be asked why did you throughout that fact and let him get sacked because oh well by my thing was what was twenty eight twenty eight what it was twenty eight twenty eight is what what was twenty twenty with a good i got to work just a limited amount of time last when you have like yeah top twenty seconds to go they were going to go didn't there's no way to win was no well them into right chris first well they didn't have the time outs that with a challenge and and he lost the challenge their point you'd have you have no timeouts at the end of the game so that you know that's why time outs after the kept in your pockets as long as you can so it land a lot of use him through the course of the second half of they didn't have any at the end of the game to be able to stop utilized to move the ball but you know that was that series there was was a question in my mind why would you then and devonta freeman was just running up and down and the entire first half of the football game if you midland wins that i think you probably wouldn't everything is certainly would between matt ryan and he but dumb fade is on the all of the second half joe i don't i don't think tom brady was too good in the first two quarters he missed a lot open receiver scc degrees him to be well rested was so it is it is this the moment when the thirty nine year old acts thirty gone no we sat out you know it's like it's like when you're child sort of seau's a little bit of attention when you take him out to dinner in of the swede especially given the world it's like who was that other one before i think.

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