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How it's lawful for patients and all fifty states to get access to legal cannabis TVD in it, basically gives them the foundation of knowledge to before they start jumping into hamburgers, CBD, whatever, you know. You don't want that? That's what we have fun. I mean, come on the old, man. Stop smoking the pot. Yeah. I'm not that guy. And I'm not the guy going. I mean think about it. Ten milligrams in a burger not gonna bother you. Fifty milligrams. Minnesota not gonna bother you ten milligrams. Awesome Donut not gonna Bobby. But, but you need to know how much you need to know what it's going to do to you. And you need to have something like a label or something saying how much CD is in kinda like chocolate, for example. Chocolate is good. Okay. Too much bad. Makes you fat makes you feel terrible dark chocolate good bad dark chocolate bad. What I mean by that is not non quality of dark chocolate. So they got to a point where they had to rate your chocolate. Chocolate is good gives you the same type of feeling and makes you feel good. When you take it once again about the Oxy tocine boosts about the about the the dopamine squirt, you get and and so they had to regulate it. 'cause people say it's got chocolate in. It's good for you chocolate chocolate. No, no, no, the chocolate a Snickers bar does not compare to the chocolate you get chocolate tier where they're actually using pure ingredients for it. Same CBD? I mean, we have CD everywhere. Everybody claim they have good CD. But once it's used at it's not doing if you person, and what's his being put everywhere. People start thinking is this real really and it loses effectiveness. And so that's why kennison's around. That's why people need to at least. Contact you to find out more about what they can do to use it. It's good a Stephen California. Hi, Steve Young with Daniel Louis Crompton. Go ahead. Show. Thank you. And tonight, you're really hit. Art show steak. I have a mechanical heart valve and take more fair and. Back. I e mentioned now they're going to be doing cutting back on a opiate painkillers. Yes. Uh-huh. And my pain management doctor. And we mean down off of those. Can't take a you know, like town emotional anything either. And. Started with the the CBD's, and I was also taking night because state teach so loud in my head is a mechanical house Titanic valve. Yeah. I knew somebody titania about every time. I hugged her. She sounded like C three PO. Clock in your head. But you know, what you're gonna live forever. Steve so congratulate you. You know, all these phone sleeping and everything. So and today was taking the TV and then at night. I found out that she would would put me say for sure. But anyway, I, but my PIN are my for my blood test check out stick, my people would refer to it. You know winning when a cloudy late and between like happened three and a half. And I was at seven. On that you touch Nick start leading. I ended up in the hostile right? So, you know, I'm so glad that you brought this upside no idea that could interfere with a warfare. And I didn't until my heart. Justice for all the people out there that are taking, you know, they're more when I'm gonna do is probably gonna go down the list and the next hour of what certain medications will have an effect with CV only because I would like to see it regulated in a sense that people like you and me who are taking blood thinners taking something that would adverse effect that they say before you ingest anything with CBD in it before you before you ingest or or use it make sure to clear it with your doctor and food. They put in the food or whatever I mean, you know, it's like, oh, we put peanuts. They put warnings on with another putting peanuts in things. So with a peanut allergy isn't gonna get near a peanut and get sick. Why don't they see it is safe? Now. Trust me, it is safe. But it has reactions it makes the body change. So they can feel better. And some of that is working on some of the enzymes that make drugs underperformer overperform. Yeah. I looked it up on the internet. It's warfare in you know, it stays in your system longer. Yeah. It doesn't keep the warfare in your system longer. And and that's why you're bleeding risk. If you take it because what it does is the the enzyme that breaks down the war for or the enzyme that breaks down the pixel ban does not break it down properly. So what you're getting is. You're getting a pill that was prescribed for how your liberal process it. And it's overperforming which would make your blood even more thinner and make you more of a risk for bleeding. Exactly. And that's why hostile for three days on this. And so I like I said this is this is great information. Of course, you know. All your shows are great. I love them because they're, you know, like, you said, it's not just a typical politics, you know, actually junk, right? You know, it's always something interesting and different perspectives. And and I love that one thing I want to mention to you if you if you're not aware of it. But there's this organism is called Michael Pazmino. Have you heard of that? Yes. Uh-huh. Okay. I was just learning about that. And the gal out there that was like totally bedridden she found out about that. And sure book about it. Her name's Linda, Emmanuel. And if you go to her website, Linda, Emmanuel dot com, you can read all about this Michael stuff that apparently is in basically all of us sitting dormant waiting to strike us at the Kim. They can manifest we were just talking about the candied RS, which is you know, the can be active. We all carry it. So Steve, I thank you. And I'm glad you're able to get through information will help you with this. Because certainly the you're not gonna get anywhere else. I'm just giving it to nine. And that's the thing is I think people are probably surprised that you know, because I'm such an advocate for CBD wanna in for use for medicine medicinal. Also, if you wanna be recreational be whatever you need to be with it. But I I'm not stupid, and I want. To be stupid. And I don't want to act stupid with regard to CBD, and like anything it's a drug or it's a it's a way to change your body. And you need understand that. And so putting something in like CDN a burger and a Donut whatever we need to make sure that they're safe levels. I'm sure they are otherwise people dying all around us. But then again, there are people who have exceptions there except peanut allergies. You have a peanut allergy. You're not gonna have peanuts. If you have an adverse effect to CBD, you're not gonna have CD in your body is relatively safe. Peanuts are relatively safe cabbage is relatively safe. Kate kale is relatively safe, but it may place drugs. It gives you more vitamin k, and it doesn't change the way your blood thinners work whenever you disrespect, mother nature. She has a way of I dunno kicking back a little bit. You know, you need to approach. Nature in healing, very reverently. I agree with you go down to Nasr in California. Hi, Nazran ground zero. Doing great. Good. We talked about that political football seventeen with shorts companies and they hold on a string. Yes. Uh-huh. So your story about your cancer surgeries, everything and that really got to you know, my heart 'cause he let me express a little bit the pain. I was in for thirty years. And they finally did the insurance couch. And paying for the first time. But in those thirty years glide nights when it was nowhere. I got on your show and you brought reality sets in. You know, the lake route for me. Many lights it. Thank you. Thank you for listening. And thank you. I'm glad I was able to help you. The other thing. Karma with all this going on with the meds and everything. Seventy eighty one two and all you wrote for six great take two or three or anything 'cause you great wants to go curator paint everything. And they came up with all this new stuff. And you know, what everybody in saying, you know, derby here being overdoses when your kid you gotta Christmas gifts and your chemicals in anticipation getting jets at Christmas. You were excited get on that. Right. Yeah. Exactly. Thing that your brain oxytocin, you need more oxygen, and you can get the same feeling from petting a cat. The same feeling from giving a hug to someone. You love you the same feeling from kicking back eating chocolate. And watching a movie a good movie. I mean, somebody makes you feel good. Which is upcoming up any bed coming on. It's just like everyone's got to treat each other with the love don't you wanna be treated when someone looks talks to you with love true. Yes. And we'll get this thing. Really get out. This whole wall done is the bureaucrats that are telling the poll in there about the opiates that overdosing there less of the diction of less everything they're blown to Satistics up, right? It's not an opioid crisis. It's an overdose crisis. It's the idea that people will find anything to overdose on because they're not happy or they're in so much pain. They need to relieve it,.

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