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Onto as additional of happy said confuse Felicity Jones from Star Wars to a supreme court Justice in our new film on the basis of sex. Hey, guys, I'm Josh Horowitz. Welcome to another addition of happy sake and fused, as I said, today's guest, the fantastically talented, Felicity Jones, you know, of course, Oscar-nominated role in the theory of everything and her leading role in Star Wars. Rogue one was rogue one a Star Wars story if I'm getting the official title down, whatever it was called. It was an amazing movie. She was fantastic in it. She's always just a stellar performer. And she once again quiz herself very well playing none other than the Torius Rb G Ruth Bader Ginsburg in her new film on the basis of sex. A very entertaining film from director Mimi leader that is it's a bio pic of sorts. It's not repeat against is higher life. It's more about. Her early days going to wa- school coming into her own a very key a court case that she was involved with alongside her husband played by another happy second veteran, Mr. Armie hammer. They're both fantastic in the film recommend this one. It is out in theaters, and it's a special project because you know, we're living in crazy times. And to celebrate the likes of supreme court Justice Ginsburg is is a worthy worthy thing to do. I had a chance to talk to Felicity the day after her New York premiere on the basis of sex, and I have to say it was one of the more special premieres. I've been to in the audience was Gloria Steinem, Hillary Clinton and Justice Ginsburg herself who stayed for a human a after the film made for a very heightened kind of atmosphere for that premier. But I'm glad I I'm glad I was there. I saw the movie period. But I'm glad I was there that particular night just won't give you some context because we do mentioned her mixing it up with the likes of those luminaries the night before Felicity is just fantastic. She's she's, you know, always very open, and sweet and thoughtful and funny and all the good things, and I'm always happy to see her, and we've never had this kind of a long phone conversation. So. A real thrilled to have her on the podcast. This is of course, our first happy confused, the twenty nine hundred and I hope you guys had a great new year celebration. I'm actually taping this right before the new year. So I'm hoping I had a good near celebration to we can only hope for the best of. But I want to take this opportunity. Look back a little bit at twenty eighteen in film, shockingly, I still I still haven't finalized my top ten list. I'm so damn behind on this guys. It always like stresses me out. I had to vote in like one organization on the part of. So I kind of gave my top five I had to give then, but it's changing every day, and I'm still catching up on films in particular. I have not seen nearly enough of the great foreign films that were released in twenty eighteen. So this list is going to change. But if you're looking for a Josh Horowitz, top tennis kind of list, I'm gonna recite for you things are actually fourteen movies. This is my top fourteen fourteen movies that I really loved in twenty eighteen I'm just. Going to go to you and affable order with as little commentary as possible. But if you share my taste, if you feel like you've ibe with what I like the movies that I loved in twenty eighteen. We're going to be again with everyone's favorite star is born beautiful love story. Very effective. Bradley Cooper kills it in front of and behind the camp behind the camera. Black klansman spike Lee's best films, period, certainly one of his best in many years in a couple times. Fantastic. Can you ever forgive me? I've talked about this movie a bunch on the podcast. We had Richard E grant on absolutely door this movie set nineties New York, directed by Mary Heller, most McCarthy gives a performance like she's never given before just a great slice of life of about New York characters that doored.

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