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Our research director seine peterson is nothing short of genius true story she's like the female version of a combination of oscar wound albert einstein eight show mean kin monday says and bill buckley all rolled into one who can give you and assisting answer like joe jim male she truly is amazing unbelievable in a time anything breaks i call her if if i'm driving your where are shoot her a message hey can you can do the background this thing give me up to speed and she didn't brief you and give or ten minister very few ten minister research and five minister briefs you and you'll know as much as is unknown in the in the were in in the public's fear anyway on the matter justin keying our what livid of title for just he's our resident millennial but that it was born that way that's the there's more to just thinking just thinking is the youngest member of our team he is our connection to all things hip even though we give him unrelenting grief about it he he produces the evening show so when i come in he's the one yes you name it we need typically have the number one or number two website in our entire companies in number of clicks is that only in our format that's only no no all all over thank you and the reason we do is because he manages our game and just michael very dot com and he manages.

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