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I think i think it's don't over. Think it so. I am over thinking it absolutely for my secret back but it's for me again. It's the. I just saw the ravens lose and primetime so everyone thinks that they absolutely stink. Think that they're very good. But i don't know something about being at home in prime time. Lamar jackson is still good. When he gets roles. Loves that shit secret pets. Do not count for this competition. Do not All right Everyone did their oversight. Yup jake and billy nobility. Oh yeah and billy go. billy raiders. Way over raiders over raiders. Team for over okay. Nice for seven and a half okay. Nice jake. We talked about that game. So we'll keep moving. And i'm gonna go with north carolina over forty four and a half. Okay ms six this pl all right. He the amazing last week. So i agree the p. l. era all right Under will finish off. We miss any games. We'll come back and hit them. Patriots jets to quarterbacks. That's all you got to adjust a points. It's a lot of points for two rookie. Quarterbacks is at what point does. Bill opened up the playbook. When does he start trusting mack jones. Probably not we to outside a lot of a lot of dunkin. Probably a lot like defense a touchdown or too low scoring game still patriots. Skull fucking gentle. Get like three points okay. I mean we're doing look up bill deger's where he quarterback loss. We did it. But i think he's a rookie. Quarterback's don't even cover the spread against them. Ten percent of the time. I just made that up. But it's pretty close. Sounds right bubba. bengals bears under forty five. We're oh yeah. We're doing under snow. Yes yes yeah okay okay. I don't mind that one. yeah my under i'm gonna go titan seahawks fifty three and a half oo all right so this game has me in a pickle because i don't know the titans couldn't have looked worse and the seahawks looked very very good. They did kind of take their foot off the gas in the fourth quarter. I felt like against the colts. I don't like it's so hard to figure out especially after only one week. Maybe the titans aren't good. I think times are. They're going to be okay there. I mean they. byu my pinky pat. Taylor luanne cannot get any worse than it. Was last you your own. My god you see that clip for telling the boys we are for the boys record for the boys win taylor. Luanne was talking to buddha baker about. He was talking about sacks. Yeah and he was like man. I can't imagine giving up five sacks in a game at some point quarterback just has to look at you and be like dude. We ship you out of here. Tough look tough credit to tell luanne for owning the moment and for logging online. And saying thank you very much for. I think who who had the five sacks taylor jones taylor thank you chandler jones for exposing me last week. This is going to make me better. So it'll be big moment for boys are gripe. Emt memes semi this stat. Patriots are perfect thirteen and elegance rookie. Quarterback's at home under ballot check. It's no i think that's true. That is true but it's still true stat known truths that yeah no. He wasn't couple at all checks. Patriots teams already astonishing twenty one and six against rookie quarterback since he took over the reins and new england's and the two thousand seats every late day they went from being thirteen in our home to in six twenty two eight six. That's that's less convincing trend. We're not number skies folks all right. Thanks so the first one again. We'll do he's just any might have been trying to sell me out here literally. The it says perfect thirteen. Quarterbacks and thirteen against rookie is in bold. Okay at home okay. Home don't read the second part. That's all i need to know. Thank you can. We get the coach in for the jets. No not head coach for day coach. You know he called meadowlands home for a long time. Home is home is good you to a point that makes sense here that makes watterson check returning back to the place where the game got it. Okay what are we on under. So yeah titans. Seahawks was the one that just zero. She made her out of russell. Colorado's jersey that's still unveil racks really trying to really let us know That you guys are married yolks. We didn't know we forgot. Just it was an all time. Look all right Under the raiders. Steelers forty seven and a half and then What do you have billy. I've eagles for nine years. Okay fifty we talked a lot. Is that the number. Yup all right. That is and we talked about that game. Now jake finish off. We'll talk about the games with pf on seok science and so there are picks Games we miss cowboys chargers. I don't know what to make of this game. Because i do think. The chargers are very good. And this is the game you play with yourself. One and over so in one feels like the cowboys should win this game. But maybe the cowboys just play shootouts and lose every game so that wouldn't surprise me if that's where they ended up like a little throwback to last year when you started out and there anytime you're team's offense is really really good you can convince yourself that you're going to go. You know like fifteen and two right But their defense stunk. So bad last year. And they're missing demarcus lawrence now mark lawrence had an injury also leeann let injured his knee in practice..

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