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Know not what he talking and and she's a great dancer I think what she was doing that thing with the batons on fire. that's great too I'm just predicting on a lot of people disagree I think she's going to win. twenty two percent of people say the first time. they sent a text message. was when they were voting for American idol. while. I remember back then back in oh six when I did my first obrien rumored standard big grew Britain standard got my vote handling that I don't know. a look at our fellow he's been around ten years. so yeah okay. twenty two percent of people say the first time they figured out how to send and did send a text message was when they were voting for American idol never the numbers were. I don't know sixty million or something like that it's been on for seventeen years seventeen addition the she's once a maximum of a seventeen year Kelly Clarkson your honor roll. she's beaten Carrie Underwood fourteen times. you know that. she I know they are not a fan of and I I agree I agree that she's I mean she's won a great rock and roll artists of all time but when she does that tap dancing routine of the day I don't know when that happens and I'm not a captain's fans have you got a new show. yeah kid me Kelly Kelly Clarkson out on it's great I mean I..

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