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You could check out the pictures of it on her instagram. Remember it when when, when, when people are complaining about her, not showering just remember she didn't need to doesn't think she. She one up sits in that regard. That's a good question. If she is now of sound mind which you may not have been first season, do you think if and when she gets nominated? She's GonNa, plug the crap out of all her merch and her buffs and everything like that. Yeah. Yeah I forgot about the book to read the book reviews this. She have a lot of merch. She does if you over website Christmas Abbott Dot Com I believe she has a bunch of merge. I. Think. She had supplements that she sells I mean look. She essentially paved the way for festive fitness to promptly crash I read TRIMs CBD Code Pure ex-miss. Wow this walks that fussy could run. Or, festival was given the runway to run and then promptly tripped over his own face. I think that you know it's interesting. She is someone who I again, I think to point like Chit a lot of accolades to her life. She was Walter knitting it up like she was the first woman to serve on a NASCAR PIT crew. She did tours in Iraq is a contractor, and that's another reason why I think a lot of people were pumped to see Christmas general and all that potential Kinda went out the window when she ends up breaking her foot in the first. First Week I think one of the big sort of unanswered questions that I know. Taryn. Review it. In the end of the season was you know what chance did Christmas stand of winning in the end I think especially with what someone calling upset of Josh beating Paul. It begs the question as to whether someone like Christmas who maybe people would ever guarded as as like three out of three when it came to actual game play by the end, would have said a chance at winning. I mean, I, do agree I think Christmas I think Christmas, would it be Josh? Towns and You probably would have beaten all to So she was probably sitting in a position where she beats either the people next door But the problem was that she did not even try to take it as she was just like I know I'm not GonNa Campaign I, I couldn't take it away from you guys and if she had tried, I think she could have convinced. Josh to take her. And then she would have won the game I think it was. No again, we talk about cody taking Derek, not taking Victoria but. But Christmas. Literally, it was sitting right in front of her and she was like, no, thanks, I'm good. Yeah, I remember Robbie you relate the story. Right? 'cause you were again there on set and I remember everyone was livid that Josh took Paul because they thought that Christmas at that point was like the layup of all lay ups Yeah. Okay. Well, she's back now and I guess we should talk about a more of her prospects in big brother. All Stars, Kelsey, could she see herself as the Paul Coming back at? All right look. I did my time I went to the end got close now. This is my time to shine on the Paul now. I. Hope Not I. Hope she doesn't come in and try to play like Paul. I. Don't think people would respect that very much I. Don't think people look at Christmas someone they want to be. Updated by and so hopefully, she does though take a little bit of a lesson from Paul and make more connections this time because I felt that last time, she really let him do the heavy lifting on. Allies and WHO's GonNa vote with WHO? So hopefully, this time she does make more connections maybe with some of the other moms in the past. But I. do hope that she. Works, her social game a little bit more. Turn. Do you recall from Big Brother Nineteen? You know we're talking about Paul. We're talking about John Did she have a lot of other relationships with the women of Big Brother Nineteen The women. She I mean, she was initially working with Dominique. And Elena. She, kind of you know drifted away from those relationships as as Paul, essentially coulter away from them. She certainly, you know she worked with Alex, but Alex was more. So with Jason later on. So I mean she had those connections, but but Paul really segmented the the groups out into different portions, and she was the one that was with Josh But she was working with the other women in the in the overall collective called Jesse to remember her having actually a pretty big heart to heart with Jess at some point early on right after cody was voted out and just like on the outs I. Remember her and Christmas had like a really long conversation which seemed to help Jessica and also helped Christmas for that brief portion of time. Chelsea. Do you see any other allies here? That are in this hypothetical cast for Christmas? Well. Now, to find out the people I was planning on working with aren't probably hypothetically going to be around. We're unchartered waters I mean. Josh Casey Mu- May walk there has casey been posting on social media she'd been on the has. I believe she has opposing store saying happy Sunday Happy Mondays. Been Weird I mean those are one could easily plug-in. I? Think. I would say why there's a non zero chance that her and Danny D'Amato could have like a mean girls ask relationship. Because again, Christmas Christmas has this weird like killing them with kindness mentality, which again is very odd considering the way that she behaved a certain people in the house. But I do feel like she likes to be a bit shady and a bit snippy about certain people and Dane Denardo loves to do that as well. So I could see the two of them like much like Britney and Monet th and big brother twelve like talking with one another talking crap about the others with one another. I would like to see that I hope that she does. WanNa work with some of the other women. I'd like to see that happen. But I'm not optimistic necessarily I. think that she may WanNa. Do she did last time and try to team up with some of the other big competition guys. I'm curious to see how she interacts with Journal. Again as is very physical blonde. Is, is GonNa be intimidated that like is Christmas GonNa. Come from my crown of leg physical competition beast Like I could see or they could. They could be like, no, we're both because I think genetic. Dan, Danielle will get along despite both being physical copies but but I don't know of genetic has the same respect for Christmas where she would want to let Christmas. Have that sort of a title I? Think? Christmas, is too argumentative and I like Janelle Kisha and Christmas are sort of all cut from a similar cloth that they're going to speak up about something and I don't necessarily see an alliance working with some combination of that..

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