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Workplace services range from internal so support to entry back into the work force we believe that our mothers who want to return to the workforce should be able to and so moms we got your back thank you hello everyone my name is Ann Rogers and I am a virtual reality specialist at NBC news I pay three thousand dollars in rent in New York City but I have a very difficult time purchasing a whole room the very near to entry for new Yorkers because of the high price of live purchasing a home in Brooklyn specifically is the down payment and so we came up with a solution for addressing this its crowdfunding the deposit for home ownership so let's say it's a hundred thousand dollars for the deposit for the home a hundred people give a thousand dollars and those those deposits go to the person but what does the investor or the micro lender cat well what they got is repayment first and so we have found a way to help the community help the community to purchase homes we are deposit fund you can go to right now on your phone the positive on that I and set up a profile suggesting how much you need for your home and we will also provide on financial literacy education on.

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