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Then the bourgeoisie owned the land and the proletariate served as Labour working on this land but the global global economy as we know it today is far more capital intensive and has many more nuanced levels of delegation and hierarchy thanks to processes such as globalization Zeeshan and the rapid technological advancements. That have happened. In the past. Few decades there is no bourgeoisie class or proletariat class that you can use to separate people anymore. There are far more layers in this economy of which the Communist ideology or Marxism simply cannot fathom so. None of those concepts would even be relevant today but magically even if somehow they were applicable they would not be successful talking pure economics the World Bank or do thousand eighteen reward talks about our free trade which is free from the licenses and many deregulations that AH communist regime would require has led to a direct increase in economic growth among low income countries. And take the two most powerful countries today in the world in two thousand twenty the United States and China which have a combined. GDP of more than thirty thirty trillion US dollars which is more than a third of global GDP. The United States the American dream Silicon Valley Hollywood and their countless other examples Gargantuan economic success stems result of freedom from these communist policies. Not Their adoption of it but this example maybe even more telling Chana which according to the world population review we read out is one of the five communist countries in the world today but remember what we said at the start. It is an exception exception to the communist way of life in one aspect and that's in terms of economics and likely established at the start of the episode. Communism is both an economic as well as a political political system and China made the economic exception to its otherwise communist way of life in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight and guess what it is disc -ception and China's adoption of free market economic policies via processes like foreign investment and free trade that accelerated China's meteoric rise to the top talk of economic food chain. And don't take my word for it. Harvard Business Review States that since nineteen seventy eight up until two thousand eighteen. China's economy has has grown more than fifty times with more than six hundred million people escaping poverty and as per the population review again to reiterate. There are five communist dates in the the world today. Vietnam Laos North Korea China and Cuba and all five of them are politically communist. While China is economically capitalist but keep in mind China's still politically communist which means China's still terrible politically freedom house has consistently criticized the Chinese government for their repression of human rights. It's worth sites such as Google and facebook are completely banned in China. While Uber Muslim minorities are being sent to concentration camps as we speak and the other four countries trees Laos Vietnam. North Korea and Cuba are all equally bad politically freedom. How states that? These nations are experiencing an almost unprecedented level all of Internet censorship and a crackdown on civil liberties and keep in mind that they don't even have the economic benefits that China does because unlike China they're still economically communist. The Telegraph states. That seventy one percent of North Korea's population is undernourished owing to North Korea's economic situation and Gaza Cuba which is an organization in that assist Cubans emigrating to Texas stated that immigration from Cuba to the United States continued through the twenty first century given Cuba's economy being in dire straits straights and showing very little side of improvement so in conclusion communism is greatly economically ineffective in addition to being politically devastating. There is noughties single example in two thousand nineteen of a country that is wholly communists. Keep in mind both politically as well as economically that successful and either a guard and the only only reason the China's successful economically is because they are no longer economically communist had China not economically liberalized in nineteen seventy eight. Who knows they may have been in the same boat as North Korea or Cuba even in terms.

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