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Like this i don't wanna like you know overstepped my bowel of my boss go for to have a better thing what are you hear this would be a ham linda go blue howard hammond himself travel coffee mud to get you to were very cow as i said not only that knowing that i didn't have time to change their shirt but i'm going to give you an honorary member of hamlin hamlin and macgill eight eight sure asia and also i there and you know what could be aj gem and enough doesn't work out i appreciate it i look what my brother is a lawyer i have an older brother who is a lawyer but he's a much better person than truck macgill brother jeffrey thank you this is awesome huckabee that and congrats again on on the success of this show and you in a and i'm wondering when you get a script and you you look at over i mean do you know right now where where this story is going or you get something and it's completely fresh to you when you i get a script from those it's pretty fresh me first of all vince and peter gold minute easy as my opinion about what where i'm going to be going in character wider i when to get a scrap the first thing i do is make sure jonathan banks in shooting me that's that's the first thing i do benefits not happening i feel good i get him as they come basically because i think the writers part of the their genius is that they don't even know they sort of set these characters in motion and then things all of a sudden go sideways me breaking bad had that quality and better call certainly as at quality because you know people have been talking about like what is going to become saw right and the fact that matter is they thought evinces said he thought maybe in the first season it would happen but as they got raiding character they kim wexler and shut macgill at in howard hamlet of us and there was more complexion there and they wanted to go explore those so they they liked them at the characters row where they're going to go so the long in the long answer is yes i have no idea if you have no i an and so you know.

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