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The shells live local news talk six seventy kboi's peter or people for the ethical treatment of animals says the billboard bull picture the face of a theory tell and the words i'm me not meet noriaki about it the votto is of a naked joe barton allegedly sent to a woman he had a relationship with there was posted on twitter and later by tmz we're talking about it a victory for internet service providers like eighteen uh the comcast agdal rising who will hold more powell over the internet under pies watts since he's shelman show on the news at oggab idaho six seventy kboi kuala j d don't don't leave the news through jim you won't wanna my missing from this story out of black foot item i understand that when people lose their lives sometimes there is a roadside memorial for them meal when loved ones bicyclists have that have the go spike did i hear the story correct yes you did i may not meet three cows while on a second i'm telling the story in quickly wednesday morning one man was injured three cattle baghdad killed in a commercial vehicle crash uh iif team milepost ninety near black foot people for the ethical treatment of animals but held stairs they gene that they plan to replace the no more nearly site that claimed the lives of three charles home on fuel was driving north bell pulling a trailer filled with eighty seven steaks cattle name authorities say another semitrailer stopped on the right side of the interstate pulled in front of charles to illegally used the median crossover oman swerved vehicle overturned after the crash eighty seven cattle escape from a damaged trailer three however didn't make it too far yes as the press release said three gentle cow holiday know that's myrtle in of cow jerks i don't know and journalists house personally can you journal thickly tell me if a cow is gentle they generally all are for what i've seen you know my grandparents had a farm so i have seen cows before a that were not wrapped in plastic and cellophane now you know in the freezer section can you tell me now the shadow of doubt of series the three cows that perished were.

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