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And that's what the Reds were yelling on. This May 1st back in 1974. Day the dock. Ellis, a pitcher for the Pirates in the 19 seventies, hit the first three Reds to come to the plate in a game of three Rivers Stadium and Pittsburgh. Ellis later admitted he was trying to hit every ready face that night retaliation for all the years the Reds and whipped the Pirates in the playoffs. They don't respect us, Ellison told his teammates, and he carried out his threat. He rose lead off and duck two pitches before the third one hit him in the ribs. Rose calmly picked up the ball and tossed it out to Ellis before he sprinted to first base. If anything that made Ellis matter, he then nailed Joe Morgan on the first pitch and then hit Danny, Greece and in the back By that time, the Reds were, shall we say, not exactly. Digging in at the plate. Tony Perez dodged a couple of pitches. I couldn't hit him. Ellis later said he was running. After two pitches behind him and two more over his head, Tony walked. Then Ellis aimed a couple of pitches that Johnny Bench before Pittsburgh manager Danny Murtaugh finally had seen enough. Well, Doc doesn't look like you have your best stuff tonight, he deadpanned and sent Ellis to the showers. The night Doc Ellis took aim at the Reds May 1st 1974 and lots more Reds history on display at the Reds Hall of Fame stop in and Be sure to duck if you have to the next time you visit Great American ballpark, The Hall of Fame highlight was brought to you by your Cincinnati northern Kentucky. Honda dealers stick around Tommy talks with Reds manager David Bell. Next. This is the Reds radio network. Start.

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