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News. I'm Richard Cantu. Authorities in Delphi, Indiana. Meet with reporters about midday today to talk about what they're calling a significant update in the February twenty seventeen murders of teenagers, Abby Williams and Libby German. Their bodies were found on a hiking trail there killer remains at large Kerry Timmons is the mother of the murder. Libby, German cautiously hopeful, you know, because like I said I've got my hopes that before my relive it again. And it's awful. I don't wanna do that again with authorities say this significant update is moving the investigation in a new direction government forensic analysts in Sri Lanka told the Associated Press that six near-simultaneous bombings at three churches in three luxury hotels in and around the capital Colombo were carried out by seven suicide bombers nearly three hundred people, including at least three Americans were killed. It all started around eight forty five AM at Saint Anthony shrine in Colombo the capital Saint Sebastian's church in Negombo and Zion church in the eastern city of Betty colo- around an hour later. More explosions at three hotels popular with western tourists in the capital to Shangri, LA the cinnamon grand and the Kingsbury ABC's David Wright, twenty four people in custody. House speaker Nancy Pelosi holds a conference call democratic members today on the Muller report and her assertion that it undercuts attorney general William bars conclusion, President Trump did not commit obstruction of Justice house intelligence committee chair Adam Schiff every act that I pointed to as evidence of collusion has now been borne out by the report presidential counselor, Kellyanne Conway only was shocked of Justice not found that there was complete compliance most by should say, both shifts and Kellyanne Conway were on ABC's this week broadcast. Ukrainian comedian Vladimir Zielinski who plays the president.

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