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I drive home. Step out of the car. Please. Probably made a mistake. Probably. Okay. Isn't okay. When it comes to drinking and driving coast to coast AM tonight at midnight on six hundred and ninety two point one FM. Dodger Joel sedan on ground zero James. Finishes get right to the point. James got a lot of people get through tonight. Yes, I'm going to go real quickly. Yes. I experienced tightness and between the shoulders. Usually towns what I have the civil real. I did read the book we belly stuck to for over a year gluten-free, unless supplemented with antioxidants vitamins, minerals and omega three also glued and Foley and raw vegetable juice, and none of that seemed to help. Now, you mentioned of absorption of fat. I was wondering what a nutritional panel show, whether I'm not absorbing it. And one other thing is that is definitely in my blood dole mega threes. So I mean wouldn't do traditional panel show that okay? Well, here's what you need to find out. If you're absorbing the cheapest least invasive way to do that is to get the book, rare earths ventures, rare earths forbidden cures, go to chapter eleven it'll teach you how to collect your hair how to box it up where to ship it. And within two weeks, you get the results back, and it'll show you whether you're absorbing nutrients are not always show you which. Ones are too high which hundred too low. But if they're all low that means you're not or I mean, it means you have some intestinal damage from gluten usually and I'll see prosise a skull, which we kind of left off on. Results in twenty five different diseases, including rain, the ears and balanced, problems and pain in the neck. And upper back and so forth. There's twelve pairs of cranial nerves and they some of them actually if they get pinched. When you have your posted, a skull will cause, numbness and pain and burning in your muscles of your skull and your neck and your upper shoulders and things so yeah. So what you wanna do is make sure that you're taking well how much do you weigh? I weigh about right at two hundred. I'm about six one. Okay. Two hundred pounds again. Now, the bad foods. No fried. Susan process means an oil gluten no sugar you throw in two healthy, brain and heart PAKs per month. Two healthy, brain and heart PAKs per month. I would also throw in one large bottle of what we call 'em SEM. MSM yet.

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