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Edens twenty minutes both ways up on Kennedy has cleared. Inbound forty two from O'Hare about thirty four from the Edens Twenty-three express inbound Eisenhower, forty six from fifty three twenty six for Mannheim. Inbound Stevenson, fifty or forty four minutes rather from the tri-state on end just so between Harlem and philosophy. The inbound Ryan twenty from ninety fifth clear on the Bishop Ford fifty seven and now on the tollway lakeshore drive a packet still into north avenue and into Jackson with the roadwork between north and Monroe metro south west train eighteen was doing at nine forty four is running about twenty five minutes late due to mechanical problems for a person who's traffic on demand. Get the traffic Chicago app approved by the mortgage expert. Team hochburg just search T R A F F. I X Chicago Sara van WGN. Traffic central is going to be partly to mostly sunny today with a high near seventy three down to fifty five tonight. And then back up to seventy eight tomorrow. It's sixty five right now in Chicago. I'm Steve Grzanich and the WGN radio newsroom. And this is the stuff that matters on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN. flying a plane into the eye of the hurricane. You're going to need help figuring out bad hurricane. Florence is going to be checked all the models, our friend. Tom skilling is standing by to go. Tom skilling is standing by right now. Hello my Monday. Happy Monday to you. I've looked at the American model the European model. I've looked at the G F S your homework. Yes. A key to this equation is going to be the next twenty four hours. True it onto. Well, I'll tell you the next couple of days. I it it looks like we're everything to proceed as is currently expected this this storm could go a shore toward early Thursday. But with waves Chris eating it by days because this thing, and I'll tell you it's the vicious one mammoth storm one of the researchers tweet I read yesterday observed that I thought this was interesting. It's the first time since nineteen ninety eight that the National Hurricane Center has ever predicted a one hundred and forty five mile per hour sustained winds in a hurricane anytime and the Atlantic since all that time in twenty years. Wow. Oh, this this puts this storm on the upper end of the spectrum. And it's looking now like this could go at sure is a category four hundred forty two hundred forty five mile per hour sustained and hurricane gusts up around one hundred seventy but you know, we get these wave height models, and they're indicating waves in the center of this thing forty to fifty two feet. That's mortified. Oster movie stuff on top of that. What's the story about the the stalling? Just off the coast and getting you know, one of these Houston rainstorms like we had last year. Well, that's it. You know, it's interesting that was the survey Shen.

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