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Today's Monday addition your personification of rock addition of justice and drew Sam you're the personification of joy think it through we will go to the strip behind to the Star Tribune a little bit later on this hour who thinks that the voters should give Amy club which are a look or or or another look even though they have not decided on who they're going to pick yet so we'll we'll begin will be getting into that give her a look a lot of positives go for yeah the entrance yeah well I think what you're gonna see here over the course of the the next couple months you know between now and whenever any closure from the calls it quits as you know the sort of just prepping her for that next Senate run this one make sure yeah make sure we still lover here Gabbard called Clinton the queen of warmongers and body ment of corruption personification of the rock that is sick in the Democrat party for so long gather took to Twitter saying it's now clear that this primaries between you and me don't cowardly hide behind your proxies join the race directly and Clinton had not to directly responded to that but her spokesperson as we mentioned earlier Nick Merrill told CNN if the nesting doll fits with regard to to her potentially being a Russian accent and believable Meryl went on to say Saturday that Clinton was saying Americans are Russian spies but that Russia have thought has found ways to take advantage and is not being held responsible by anyone in in government few outside Clinton's immediate orbit defended her calm her comments closure was asked about this over the weekend on arrival a bus tour overshadowed by get the gabber Clinton side you told reporters on Friday the Clinton could defend herself and will ask about the story again on Saturday she when asked about it again on Saturday she pivoted talk about our own election integrity legislation and honestly in this regard I don't play maybe clovers are for that it about me why he asked me about those together for you right out loud yeah very close charter probably handled at the exact same way thing I want to give the middle that happens we'll talk about my so I'm still running guys have you know run in another story all together well I know Tulsi Gabbard is right on a number of different levels of push back against Clinton right the obvious sort of up front Clinton's a monster but besides that point we'll see Gabbard stands to gain a lot of attention over this and perhaps provide a bit of a booster her campaign I'm sure AV club which I was sitting there going I wish you call me a Russian asset well drives me nuts about this is like Tulsi Gabbard granted she's not poll in much above the one percent that you know most of the fields pulling out but at the same time she has she does stand out in that field she's got a bit of a different message a bit of a different tone a bit of a different approach and she doesn't constantly talk about how you know Republicans are all evil racist bigot **** and need to be purged from society I find that to be slightly refreshing and I think a lot of people do you know and and that's the problem right she's got a message that is resonating with people that is not the accepted orthodoxy message of the rest of the Democrats she's out there saying something different they can't have that and rather than like look at our message and try to figure out what about her is resonating with Americans not Russians with Americans with potential voters they just want to dismiss Sir and discounter and say well you know there's some Russian box that have re tweeted her stuff and promoting on social media so we need to ignore her completely in dot not listed there but they're discounting and dismissing her message and her delivery and her style and her years of service in the US military just because some Russian bots might of retweeted some of our stuff well and it really does highlight the power of the surface level narrative you know it would be an Tulsi Gabbard best interest into but to it certain extent also any clothes are we talked about this last week we'll get into a little bit more of it coming up for them to stay in the race because I'm of the opinion that the the Tulsi Gabbard and even to a lesser extent you know being the global sars stand a better chance of of moving forward because the core of the Democrat party within the country right would gravitate more towards them then the ridiculous nonsense as being put out there by your Warren's your Kamal hair is your bait or working your and your buttons but the not with the surface says you know you're twitterverse in your mainstream media is doing exactly what you said they're just missing or their shopping at the side it doesn't push forward the narrative of the of of pushing back against this president it doesn't perpetuate the the Russian nonsense of it and so it does really sort of exemplify the power of that sort of surface level narrative out there but I think that a Tulsi Gabbard is very appealing to regular but Democrats who are paying attention to Twitter and are paying attention to the mainstream media I hope so I mean I you know I look at I look at Tulsi Gabbard and I'm like you know that's that's opposition that doesn't terrify me right you know they they if if they if Tulsi Gabbard were to somehow pull off Americal and get the nomination and pull off another miracle and become president it's like I wouldn't be as afraid for the country as I would be if it were a Warren ori Sanders ori Beto Ernie these other people that want to use government as a weapon to punish people who think it differently from them we will talk about those other candidates because they're crazy Beto o'rourke announced support for menstrual the for the for the menstrual equality act on national day what yeah international period there was over the weekend we get out of and so I celebrated the result okay I had a very I did I did as well I maybe made cupcakes it's nice cupcakes also get into a call air as to claim that really Giuliani broke a lot of laws but then was asked what laws the break and then she couldn't could name any of those of those particular laws had shaped cookies over guys that editorial from these be better if you'd made like bars something this would citizens talk everything's in urban critics used on AM eleven thirty one oh three point five FM.

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