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Are you excited about the word of God today. I believe you I believe you. Let's go to acts chapter one. We are continuing this discussion on kingdom clout kingdom influence influence knowing that God has a purpose and a plan. I mean we get on the same page as him. Amazing things happen and I want to share with you today from from a very pivotal scripture in acts chapter one where we get to see. Jesus Christ transferred the power that he demonstrated physically the on the earth to his apostles for the mission of the Gospel. And this is how it all started people say how did Elevation Church start. Acts Chapter. One gives the back story now. We're going way back way before we went to golden corral and shelby and decided to move to Charlotte but this is how really started acts chapter one verse one in in my former book theophilus. I wrote baby name available. Theophilus wrote about all that Jesus began to do into teach Until the day he was taken up to Heaven after giving instructions through the Holy Spirit to the apostles he had chosen. Can I point out two words to you from that verse. This is not my key verse but I would like to point out the word began and I would like to point out the word chosen. They're they're both in verse one. If you could put that on the screen one more time in verse one it says began in verse. Two it says chosen and a like the word began because we tend to think that when Jesus left the Earth has ministry stopped. Not so luke. Who wrote a Gospel Account that bears? His name said that when Jesus was on on the earth that was only the beginning that his greatest ministry started after he left and so a lot of times in our life we think we are are coming to an end but it is really beginning a lot of times. We believe the lie that will you know. I'm not in my thirties anymore. So I guess I just can't no it's not an end. It's a beginning and a lot of times if we go through a traumatic life event whether our kids leave the house which I don't know if best dramatic that could be celebratory in some cases kidding but but you know even if this something horrible that happens a lot of times what we see is an end is the beginning winning and so we'll understand that more fully. I just wanted to point it out to you that you might be standing at what you were calling an ending. That is really a new beginning and that would depend on your a perspective. y'All slowdown because I got to preach nine verses. And that's just one of them. The second word is chosen and what strikes likes me about that word. I really love that word. It's our word for the year how our church picked words to focus on twenty twenty holly and I pick the word chosen and and it's not just the word itself which I love but it is. The timing at which this word is used that encourages me. Because you have to remember this is after all of the disciples save. John have left Jesus as he died on the Cross and kind of let him down in his moment of me. And so it doesn't just say they were chosen at the beginning of his ministry. But even after he saw all them stumble and saw them falter and solve them hesitate and even after they made the mistake of believing what there I saw rather than what their spirits new even after that they were still chosen. And I need you to look right in the pupils of the person next to you and Stare Stare Adam and say you're still chosen. You didn't do it. You mumbled it. You gotta say it with some force now when the devil talks to you he talks to you. You know with some force but but come on out loud the devil and say you're.

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