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These bs yeah once in a may treat so here is reality imitating the more grotesque imaginings that you might have had over the years after says it's you'd literally can't make up our new reality it feels no actually admits it's kind of makes it difficult to uh to right after during and consent satire political satire kush it's really outstrips any kind of fiction you might know winner create he vasu been playing with a young banned the night flyers and you know it's funny you've been uh even tough fun not only the younger generation but the duration born post 1960 but you know these guys are 20s 30s they're young what's what's surprised you about the generational interchange there well you know these guys erv from upstate iran which struck new york in an area and um there are unusual kids they think their uh their you know into older kinds of music carner kennedy is really great does sort of a prodigy guitar player and um and we've been hanging out the last couple of years and so i wanted to do some uh on my own material and uh since the know i these guys made seen them play a seem like a good idea to take these guys out narrative is fantastic no i don't think they're they're average millennial bears i think at least one the might have said that there's been talk of maybe recording with them as had been something and you have y'all i i've been sending conner some marked tunes that have been working on data are gonna love to do and now the the idea is clearly as you said in in your statement to to continue on with quote the steely dan banned yeah for sure man obviously there's a legal entanglement they ran that that i i presume like with many legal entanglements can't be spoken of too much but do you imagine that's going to be in any impediment do you see any problem preceding tom now not really i mean that's one of these things where a hero years ago really of decades ago uh when we started the the band um walter knowhow.

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