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Major communicator. On the these issues what do you think is behind this decision. I mean based on all of your reporting and this being your beat The people you're talking to about this like why do you think the white house isn't pushing or encouraging bizarre to take a stronger role in the federal response. And why are they doing things in this way that you just laid out. We'll part of it is the structure that we just talked about right. You have an entire white house team jeff. Signs has his own staff and he's also working directly with health officials across the agencies. And at some point you have to make sure that there's not essentially too many cooks in the kitchen right not too many people trying to lead. And so that is the structure that biden settled on early on the other factor. Though is that ba himself has no real public health. Medical background you know. He was a longtime democratic congressman He was california attorney general but has not really been in the weeds on a lot of these public health issues. And so officials had told me that that his limited the ability that he can really contribute to these in-depth scientific discussions when they're trying to figure out. Okay what direction to take the kobe response. And that is a major contrast to many of the others who are working on response murphy. Obviously a doctor rachelle will ski public health. Expert anthony fout. She been there forever doing public health for decades and so in comparison to that expertise. Bazaar really doesn't have a specific. Lean adam cancun vixen. So much for talking with me. This has been great. I really appreciate it also. Today the federal reserve is signaling. That it's on track to begin withdrawing some of its massive support for the us economy later this year during their two day meeting this week. The fed's policy makers left interest rates unchanged but half of them penciled in the possibility of an interest rate hike next year indicating that they think the economy might be strong enough by then for the central bank to start ending. Its support more aggressively. And it's post meeting statement. The fed's policy-making committee said the rise in cova cases has slowed the recovery and officials forecast that the economy would grow five point nine percent in twenty twenty one which is significantly lower than their june estimate of seven percent and president biden is acknowledging that his administration should have consulted with the french government before announcing a new trilateral security pact with australia and the uk which saw australia pull out of a multi-billion dollar submarine deal with france. According to a joint statement released by the white house describing phone call between biden and french president emmanuel macron. They quote agreed that the situation would have benefited from an open consultation. Among allies the conversation appeared to mark a de-escalation and what has been one of the most tumultuous periods of the us french relationship in recent memory. An episode during which the us oldest ally openly criticized the by the administration for not making macron's government aware of the partnership. Today's episode of politico dispatch included music composed by brake master cylinder later today. Don't miss a live conversation. Politico is hosting with senators. Kirsten gillibrand and joni ernst legislation to overhaul how the military deals with sexual assault and harassment. You can find more on that ad. Politico dot com slash events. I'm jeremy siegel. Thanks for listening..

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