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This is 24 so news on komo news a michael preston a woman accused of murdering her exboyfriend to his death has pleaded not guilty and a casper over was in court yesterday she's racing first degree murder charges in the death of edmonton balasko his last month investigators say gasparovic lured him out of a home in west seattle or he was shot by an accomplice the suspected accomplices a nineteen year old man who was arrested on wednesday he'll be in court today an investigation is underway to figure out how the gate on offense came loose and killed a young boy outside of church and michael deal thursday afternoon kumble joe marino reports witnesses rushed to help but police said the child died in the parking lot police are calling this simply a tragic accident which happened at the mita slavic pentecostal church on evergreen drive no the church offer runs a christian pool but officials couldn't say your feet 10yearold from everett was a student here the gate fly back and forth to close off the parking lot what is unclear is whether there it somehow caught the boy in its path or perhaps came off its truck and fell on top of child firefighters say a witness who found the boy while the boy was trapped underneath a bystander said he had moved the gate off of the patient and was during cpr paramedic took over but the boy did not survive his mother was here as well but it's unclear if she was with the child at the time of the accident police they are still going through evidence trying to figure out exactly what happened out here let's go almost drill marino reporting western washington university is stepping up security after threatening antiislamic fliers have been showing up on campus komos tammy mutaza has ran action from students in officials who won't tolerate the messages western washington junior erasmus tax their into one of the flyers down reported it when he founded in haggard hall i wouldn't say i was shocked but i was saddened dispatcher found at another one at you dave lear and university officials say more surfaced and other buildings now police one to know if he'd been found anywhere else but look at the language in the.

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