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Yeah i went to i went to lucasfilm yesterday along with many people from the games industry now of all places because they were promoting stores battlefront they has well they had some news to share about many of their star was proper okay including showers battlefront also um the the aar gain geno challenge it um there's new konta come into that interesting who led to the to the last shall i wasn't there uh you chose not to neither that is makes me sound like an a jerk no i chose not to launch shores early well did his wife them better you chose poorly that don't make you feel better no i did choose poorly yet will you had his what happened it depends on your perspective you love me to go so i appreciate it and i had you know i had a good time going there great saw some good friends yeah any of our friends were there so envious paints that's how was it seeing the movie at lucasfilm without talking about the movie itself that's a great question i i love that aspect of it because i you know and i don't know i guess omitted denial about it i'd want to go see movies so much more than i enjoy it is days because i'm so easily distracted by anything happening this guiding popcorn to rose back on the other side of the theater for me will distract me from a moment yes i just my i'm just that way i'm pulley wired and so in this film of course everyone's very respectful not only that is everybody quiet and respectful but they have taken your cell phone away from you so there is no chance anybody's going to be texting in the middle of the film even the person playing star wars a r gut of rhone taken away tax even them when you watch movies in the middle of film i don't but i mean seed you see people tacis ici the thing above and there's the chatter and peasant of films of course but i rarely have see i see a lot of phones out before the trailers and even during the trailers it do you see the.

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