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Then we talked about a week ago, and I'm convinced he lied straight to my face and That's not a judgment. These guys have the lie about this. This is this is such a sensitive subject. And I do not hold that against him whatsoever. If he hears this later, he knows that he knows that you could go over his letter. Some of his answers to me, and obviously he's not answering some questions. Now that it's not that hard to answer, like, is your letter. Do you think the letters Saeko? You prepared to say your letter is fake, and he's like I just don't have any memory of writing it, so you know, you know, so that's for me. That's a little sign is giving me that I don't have the memory. He could just say no, I didn't write that. There are other things in his responses to me that make it obvious he's giving Hence he can't say it. But you know, it's a really letter documents. Really united know we've spoken so many people you were around news at the time. The people in Maze where Dr Davis was working six months was a few months before he had stopped working there, but he's still connected. All of those people know everybody knows it's not the people online who were telling us it's fake. It's like reach out to contacts made some contacts. You don't have to talk to many peoples. We did, but just a couple of you will find out. This is like the worst kept secret and you followed you and there are people still out there saying it's fake. I'm sorry it's fake. So that's where we are. And I'm glad I wrote it. I'm still tired from staying up three days in a row. But I wanted to beat If the New York Times is writing it like we think they are. I wanted to beat them for the story started that part of the story, and I'm glad I did it. And it's definitely one of the best things I've ever written. That don't usually praise I worked. Usually I'm like, Here you go, You know, Stop. You know what? The transcript but this one I really am proud of, and I That's the most exciting for me. I haven't. I haven't been this excited since 96 when I first got into this and that's why I cannot wait to see what they do it and I do. There's no doubt they're working on a story that's not even doubt either, somebody said Well, Leslie Kean the other day told me they're not working on it. So I'm sorry she would not lie. And I'm like, yes, you would. This is the biggest story in the history of humanity. They're going to live. They're allowed till I let them go. Do their story mean I shouldn't be. You know, it would be nice to give them privacy, but I can not. I cannot not talk about this. So, yeah, they're doing a story and it's a matter of. When will the editors publish it? When will they, you know, approve it. And then what's in what is actually in the article? Will it change things? The idea that the New York Times might be working on a story about UFO crash retrieval operations is AH is stunning, but it's hard for a lot of people to get their head around. We talked about it on the programme last week, and I My comment was ah, I think they are working on it, but because of some people they've contacted, but it would be really hard to get it past the editors. A very really heavy lift. Danny, would you read Jo's massive opus? But you see that Eric Davis says no comment. Will Miller is kind of wishy washy about it. An Admiral Wilson flat out denies it. Were you deter? Did you worry that this story was going to blow up? My whole thoughts on the Wilson Davis document. You know, I just talked to too many people behind the scenes, including you know yourself, George, who was around at the time, and it's a really, uh, document it happened. You know, I don't know if what the special access program managers told Wilson what they relate to him was accurate. You know, we could debate that so we don't know if that's true information in there. The meeting happened the document Israel, Um You know, I'm not gonna listen to you pathologists and I'm nothing against them Might listen to you Apologised Who? Find out about the story 20 years later, or Andi weren't around. IDs are gonna listen to people from Ned's or read between the lines about what Eric Davis has done, you know, with his government clearances and all this kind of thing, you know, it's it's a no brainer. The whole thing that threw me for a loop is this People with government clearances don't agree, which does happen sometimes on issues, so I take that you know very seriously. But if it's He's great sources that have been doing this her whole life versus pathologist. I'm always going to go with the green sources first, and it's the whole matter of proof. It hasn't been 100% proven yet. Everything matches up. And when you're talking to so many people behind the scenes that no Eric Davis and no just about the story that have known about the story for decades. It's really now there's this other documents. That also came out that way may end up talking about me, and you'll have a different approach to that. I don't know that that document Israel. I'm merely reporting on claims and You know, A lot of people are kind of misrepresenting what I'm saying and saying that I'm saying that these documents there that other document Israel However, I'm not. I'm merely reporting so The NGO differ in that aspect, and we kind of get lunch together. We'll get into that discussion that documented a bit Joe back to you. So part of ah, part of your approach. This is based on Ah, relationship with Eric Davis that you develop. You can talk to him. I have known Eric for a lot of years. And you know he was with needs. Then, as you pointed out, he left when this meeting took place. He had just separated from needs. The National Institute for Discovery Science a few months earlier, was still tied into that network and was still certainly communication with some of the board members. How put off And Dr Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, and this information made it into their hands, and that's part of the reason it became public, right. Right, and we're not here today and it said if Edgar Mitchell doesn't pass away We're not talking about this. He passed away in 2016. I believe And 2018. Australian James Rigney approach Grand Cameron at a conference and said Hey, Pick up some documents. You really need to check out and grant like I'm on the way out. I gotta go. I gotta go. Really. Give me 10 minutes. And he shows them to grand camera. And one of the first names is Okey Shan and Cameron's like Okay, Salmon..

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