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Different which you know it was incredibly just from that one right so one last question. What you say to that younger there was that younger. Gloria you know who was just like it's going to be amazing. I'm gonna do you know i'm gonna be free. I'm going to be that american independent woman. But what would you say what would be the piece of advice you would give to that gloria about her life. Then i would say chill lax and enjoy because i was going against my nature. My nature is now to be the center of attention. I had to suffer through that. But i also like to do things. Well so if i was going to be the front man of a ban i was gonna find a way to pull every possible thing out of myself that i could. I found ways to be able to channel my reticence for being in the center spotlight and just bring out what music made me feel. And that's what i would say i would say. Listen be in the moment because a lot of those moments. I was getting through them and sometimes i'll be looking over people's heads in the audience because if i looked at their faces i was going to be petrified and i missed a lot and i tell that to my daughter i go. There are parts of melissa. I don't even remember because it was all such a crazy roller coaster. I was just trying to get past this until the next thing. And the next thing and the next thing and i told her quite honesty you may not get a next thing so whatever you're doing be in that moment look into people's eyes make that connection. I just wish if. I had anything to do different. That's the one thing i would do. But then again you only learned that by going through the process because tell me that you know even if you live a long life i tell people. Tell me go. Even if i live a long life. I'll be dead soon. So you know he needs to win it all of the seaport for one into fan you. Why don't we like to do with it. Why why does western civilization nat even acknowledged. The only thing that sure the reason why i didn't want you to say it. I'll be honest with you superstition. You know i've learned. That is something that. I do not want anywhere near me because i manifested the biggest fear that had in my life pretty much being paralyzed and i got over it and i thought to myself in that whole you know. While i was recuperating from that accident i thought maybe this was. The reason became famous. I mean the fame came along with doing music which i love but maybe this is my opportunity because i'm famous to connect on this whole other level when people it is what it is you know. Animals died at thirty three every day after. That is a gift thirty two. Actually i hadn't yet turned thirty three so everything after that is is a gift and we are so happy that that gift has been given to the whole world and that you gifted me beautiful conversation. Gloria thankful that we were able to spend time together and that you took us.

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