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Place it's like it's like at least discuss percentages and has no idea what to do with it so there is kind of like they're running away from it but it Kinda like. It looks like he doesn't know what he's doing he's probably going to attack them. It's terrifying here's the thing though just to be sure and this happens quite a bit low. The robot other than L. are stop motion and it's because the director was a huge fan of Ray Harry. Housing Yeah I did Actually Adore the Stop Motion Animation. I thought it was charming. I looked stop motion. Oh Shit I lost is not really done much now is nice. I think it looks so gray. Even though he's Jerky I just I really appreciate stop motion. And here's the thing. This is the reason why he went for the Harry. The Ray Harry housing he the Luigi Cozy actually had an interview. Basically was talking about how at the time people like you say. Oh you're doing this because it's very it's a star wars and stuff like that right cozy said this cozy has never never seen the film. He's never seen the film but he apparently he heard. He saw the normalization of the film. In his library he read it and began working on his own version But then later on another interview. He said that he wasn't at all inspired by Star Wars. That it was all coincidence. Because he wrote the script before the movie who became out so basically read the script. I think he wrote the script in nineteen seventy seven just a little bit before the movie. We came out apparently. So he's contradicting his own terms. Yeah but the set the made his main influence was Sindbad. Okay he wanted to Sindbad. I didn't space and this is the ray hardens. Everybody does anyone want to do sit back and space but a lot of the things things I wanNA do Sinbad but in space so this is what the movies and because I get that watching this is sort of like the adventures of Sim bad but in space. It's like Barbara Queen the Galaxy. It's like Star Trek. The only reason why it's feeling so much like star wars is because there's some blatantly obvious things are nicked from star wars like the Lightsaber Luke. Luke skywalker collect character. The bloody counts as that. That zoff on it sounds like Dolf. Come on you're holding little bit too much but I feel like it's this just happened to be bad. Timing is star was didn't come out. Maybe two things happen. This move may not never existed. Won't this would have been the new So yeah that's the thing but I I suppose it's like.

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