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We're not aware of any specific threat that involves anything here in Massachusetts. But again, the FBI issuing a security bulletin for all 50 State capitals, barely a week before Joe Bond and swearing in ABC is Pierre Thomas. With war this morning, Security stepped up across the country after the FBI sent a disturbing bulletin warning that armed protests are being planned at all. 50 State Capitals state officials reacting to a dangerous environment. New Jersey's governor, pleading with citizens not to come to his capital this weekend to protest the National Park Service is closed The Washington monument until at least January, 24th. Citing credible threats. Massachusetts State police say they are not aware of any specific threats to the public safety in Massachusetts. Ah Boston Man pleads guilty in federal court to secretly filming school age boys in the bathroom at Boston Latin 36 year old Eric Tran tie of Boston became the focus of law enforcement when a couple Boston college students reported they were videotaped without their knowledge and arrest room on campus. Police arrested tie and found a bunch of videos and cameras at his home, including videos of boys in restrooms at the Boston Latin School. That's when the feds got involved. They discovered that he would either hide in a stall and stick a camera above a petition or place a backpack with a camera in the bathroom and videotape that way. He was arrested almost two years ago by federal authorities and has now pled guilty in federal court to two counts. Possession of child pornography. He will be sentenced at a later date. Carl Steven stop BBC. Boston's news radio, Mona Rivera joins us now live from Bloomberg. Bloomberg And Laurie on Wall Street. Stocks are bouncing back as you know they were low all morning. But now the Dow has turned positive. It's a 43 points a little bit more than 1/10 of a percent. The S and P is also slightly positive, and the NASDAQ is up more than a quarter of a percent. The electric vehicle craze is sparking a new wave of deals. General Motors has announced that it will start selling electric delivery vans.

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