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And see he got to the point where he was almost like a state power a lot of local people thought he was great because he was building infrastructure provided job security he also was behind thous two bombings and assassinations and i guess we be remiss if we didn't mention the excellent net flicked show narko yeah it is pretty pretty solid i'm actually not up to date on it but season one kinda covers up through some of the real manipulative behaviour that he would do involving the government and going further even than bribing to literally assassinating government officials that didn't want to play ball with him and no spoilers in this story even though it's real life i don't think you're allowed to consider that spoilers but it is baidoa's a television show involves so you know i feel about this i try to keep my hands clean shirt as far as pose are concerned but we're here to talk about a very specific aspect of the opulent existence of pablo escobar like you said he was beloved by many who'd possibly is a view conflagration of love and uttar terror and fear i don't know relations yeah it does seem so but um you know a lot of the poorer people in mid in revered him out almost as a saint he was confused referred to as saint pablo by many in their you know were these kind of deif deified drawings like you'd see images of of various saints.

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