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You should watch the video it shows them recording it in studio. I like I like the message of the song give me fried chicken at the end. Yeah. Chicken care. What would bring the world together fried chicken? In contrast. This should be the song. Because this is like this is like this go. Yep. This is the one that does it for you. Guitar there. His voice. Petar? So nice. Slide. Towns bringing it down you're drowning small talk. Chad. Step into line like your daddy done Vanja. What's it called? Big Steeler borrow. Ben. Slack jaw. Oh. That is nice. One of these days. Soon. You'll find. Stay. Since. Steve. Raila montaigne. So well. It is so well, I don't know he's writer, so it's. I love that. How about you Kerry? I've got too many guys could pick one. I have many too. But I've got you know, just gimme the cordwood. And let's see we got well, the you're talking about guitar solos and the guitar solo on comfortably numb. Floyd was gonna I was gonna guess it was a Pink Floyd always gets me. This song always gets me. Yeah. Favorite needles. Good. This is my favorite Beatles. Song? And then there is. Other one chew. This. Every comes to me. Speaking of wisdom. Not a religious song. It sounds like a religious song. And it's not it's about as mother. Stunning. Speaking of wisdom, it'd be. But then this one always. This weekend. Sam and Dave..

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