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You know what. I would always include Like fe questions. He was doing this before. I was really involved with sarah jonah. The comedian and she was on the cruise supposed to be my cruise. Last year she went and got pregnant. Right tacit tambi. Jeez louise she was awesome. I loved being stuff. She was like you know. I'm kind of doing weird stuff knicks. you know more green and stand up pretty good. She was like this. Is the post in. santa comedian. Like this is great. You know great to see like how she handles someone you know yapping in the front row or how how cool to see how she changes things night tonight too But yeah so. Qa would go on and and it was kind of dragging on. They'll be like all right. It's time for this question. How biggest batista's dig. Howdy who really this. Who wrote this plant sort of. That was always the one that went. Always man is not going. Well it's just escobar size as we start to wind down here. He'll now being as successful as it is. Does this now encourage you to do more. Do you wanna do more short films or i'd like to do. I don't wanna do more short films. I want to be buying bigger ones. So films generally films in general definitely. I've got this horse grip. That's getting some hands right now. What a phrase getting some around so you wrote the script yeah wrote this horse gripped and it was kind of cool because maggie that the director. Who made he'll she's by the way. Heaven and amazing film create. Now she Did a movie for who. She's reading the new labyrinth sequel. She's wow after he'll delay he'll because she got no not. I don't wanna make this led to this set. If we actually had it she was like. Let's make this movie. Here's the deal we're gonna do. And then she said bad news but amazing news. I'm making a giant feature film for hulu and blown house. And i was like cool. How does that help me. Yeah so we have to So she's she's often running like a on feature films now. She said literally allowed. I want this to be my final short film. i may. I said that sounds great. This will be my first short film. So you wanna do more filmmaking in front of the camera behind a writing scripts to yeah. I just like creating things. And i feel dude. He w so great for that. That's another thing just doing things for bt is so fun all right or when. There's i can't believe. The amount of pre tapes have gotten on these shows dark and elevation coming from being. I'm not someone who will complain too much about the past billick men being like. Hey interview this guy. Okay to you know just palumbo come up and saying you guys have a pre-tape what do you wanna do it. I'm like i get to decide to the beautiful amazing sight to be trusted with that kind of. It's like what i heard about. Clint eastwood directing style. He does one or two takes two takes at the most for these oscar-winning baby movies and when they ask them. Why do you only do one or two takes. He says because i hired professionals they are professional actors. That's why i hired him and cast them. I don't need fifty six. I know they'll do it one or two and that's it. Let's lawn awesome that's really feel that with. Aws there's some people that need a little bit of a boost and and like for example. Inner circle sammy goovar promo a year and a half ago to now. He's never given them any lines. Just a couple of directions here and that that's the attitude of our company. We want you to be yourself. I love the experiment and get better on your own. Because that's the only way you can just being able to Be ryan nemeth and have the owner of the company say You're going to be the hollywood hong because you live in hollywood and our house like perfect or he said honk he goes okay but what hung are you and i said hollywood and he goes holly hunt. Let's go let's go straight right. It's great where you can never do that in any other business really like i'm gonna do today. No you're not all. Are we going to check the trademark and stuff. Too right to be trusted. Creatively with things and i so i do feel every trip i come here. I am writing performing and then wrestling. It's all all of those things are happening. So it's it doesn't feel like if i'm secretly working script somewhere like cheating on a job. It's like this is great and he would. I remember that being a big as worried about. I would ask him like. Hey if i book and acting job commercials something will you be mad at that. And he goes now. It fits your character. it's like man. What a good feeling Talk a little bit about the wingmen and how that wingman is caesar bony you. Jd dri and Pretty peter avalon. Jd drake as i saw a guy he was walking through the ball and it said that it looks like the most oldest school territorial brother your presented. And then the next week. He's undying and then he's back again and again and again. Who is this guy dude. There was a time where. I think maybe tony like. Just lake seamy in matches doesn't know where i fit yet but you'll maybe okay. Let's try tagging with peter. Let's try this. Jd let's try take whatever and then the things kind of overlaps with him with peter and caesar tagging so it's kind of like what is this group or not a group unclear what's happening and Remember walking around diamond one day in in three people that hate you talk to tonia. Go talk to him. And i was like all right. So i'm not gonna do it. And he was going to be the wingmen okay Christian thought he thinks you guys look kind of funny together and it can be funny funny. You figured out right. And i was like all right so i went back and i said all right. So we're the wingman now. And they said what does that mean like. You know like when you to avar and help guy meet a girl where just that. Just all the time and it's not really ever about women has yet to be about helping other people. Not one of you ever get women. No one ever gets so. We've it started out as trying to make. Gd as sexy as the rest of us. Which i love that. We think we are pretty peter or having him Like trying on different clothes. And i i was on amazon and just ordered like what i thought were sexy shirts from like the early. Two thousand like see through things like a lot of see-through things actually and his actual reactions of me showing them. I'm like do that on a camera. 'cause that was perfect this looks like a fishing net. What is this jt. So every at peter avalon has the funniest phase last night and he was telling the story of this look on his face was like dd. Gotta stop killing me this. You're making me laugh so hard. And he's just got put on face. No not putting. He's a new him from la time out there. Just it's cool. He's my phone is because when he's impact firm. I thought that was the funniest name. Nor that's that's something like dr tom right on the on the thing if we didn't want he didn't want anyone to know what the mattress firm during them and snippets favorites. I thought to northern has is always the last couple of questions voyage. What's your favorite match ever had and since we're time with hollywood. What's your favorite movie. Oh man the movie. One is so hard to change us for me so often. Let's start with wrestling. Scrooge favorite movie advil mary screws. You could walk every christmas for sure definitely like planes trains and automobiles as well every thanksgiving wash a couple of weeks ago. It got almost and then we watch them all of the planes trains. I was pushing for it hard but my girlfriend. She eventually wanted to watch something else..

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