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All right so to the quarterbacks then just this is going to be just reiterating. A lot of what we already discussed here. The three that you're hoping are available. Shallower leagues would be stafford car. And cam i believe jamie goes cam car. Stafford and dave goes stafford cam car right. Yup and then on waivers drew lock nick. Foles kirk cousins. They have great matchups and opportunities. And hopefully you don't have to start them right. That's the way jamie ranks. Lock foles cousins. Dave any major objections there. I believe that's how i've got it to lock for sure is at the top nick mullins. You know it's an interesting matchup promotions because the packers they are twenty seven yards per attempt allowed. We're don't nobody really thinks they have a good pass defense but they do limit fantasy points Probably because just teams run all over them. So twelve against quarterbacks in fantasy points and then to is always decent option got some term upside. I don't think i'd be comfortable. Starting him right now but to exists. And jake luton against houston okay. I really really hope the cardinals pull ahead early. And they forced to have to make plays in throw so we see what he can be. Philip rivers any interest too big games in a row not against baltimore. Daniel jones against washington prefer not to them. Yeah what did he first time against them. Eleven fantasy eleven. Oh my god. And that was like i thought i haven't fifteen. Maybe fifty seventy four rushing yards and scored fifteen point. Does that shepherd. So i would take them ahead of to our mullins or your departing. If you're if you're starting a guy this week. He starred daniel jones over to have locked. Daniel jones this week. Okay i'd rather moans the name don's wait running backs i. I don't know how much more we need to say about running backs. How do you feel about justin jackson right now. If he were available just this week in long term. I like him a lot. I think that he's the best running back for the chargers. I think troy pope is probably the second best running back for the chargers. I would expect jackson to have that lead role and pope essentially getting better eight to twelve touch role that we talk about that. The second running back gets i think kelly's had it. I don't think he's getting the job done anymore. And it's frustrating. Because he was so good early on in the season. But i pope look great and jackson look really good. The problem with both those guys is. Kelly is still going to get some touches. Whatever number that may be so that's gonna limit the ceiling for them and it seems as if they're gonna use jackson mostly on passing downs which is good But i don't think any of them are must start guys. Jackson has the highest ceiling. But you know it's just like see..

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