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I would not want to be on the other side of a bunch of lawyers hired by donald trump you call when one of his wives i forget which one i think it was the the first one the second one was vodka was bonker ivana the name was first wife yvonne yvonne thank you and she signed a prenup and tried to break it and trump said oh contraire mon fair and took his lawyers over there and the prenup held up so you don't think that donald trump and his lawyer negotiated all this that and the other and dotted all their is and all their ts and crossed all their ts to make sure this thing also would hold up in court i think it's gonna hold up and the question is whether there will be this interview that toast there have been taped already whether it will air on cbs on six on sixty minutes or we'll trump be successful in stopping it i don't know and frankly it doesn't matter it doesn't matter if you can't outstand donald trump you still can't stand donald trump if you like donald trump you knew you weren't electing acquire boy you knew he'd been thrice married and he'd been accused several times of philandering you knew that the question is is better for the country then for hillary and that's a no brainer to me we do not have time for this kind of fillings triple eight nine seven one s a g e triple eight nine seven one seven two four three going to be talking about mark cuban later on i find him very annoying guy who ridiculed the president after the taxes hollywood tape came out and now we're finding out that according to sports illustrated anyway there's been a longstanding culture of sexism in which mark cuban knew that at least one of his employees had been accused of domestic violence and admit he didn't read the police report and he read it he said he would have fired him i guess he didn't want to read it we talking about that later on and if donald sterling lost his team because his mistress taped him making inappropriate remarks and the league because of the morals clause took his team away from him why can't they take the team away from mark cuban i guess racism trump sexism omar navarro.

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