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Coach. What does that was Groucho Marx? I radio performance on this very day in the year of one thousand nine hundred and thirty to nine thirty two while still funny. They had funny. People back with their hope is the straight man in my incorrect in that. Yeah. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Is it really? Yeah. Kind of funny to think isn't it that you could go back to the five thousand years ago, and they probably had people that would just kill you without funny. I'm making a lot of money selling camel. Really, how do you do? Same. Yeah. That's probably would it be the most surprising thing. It's the same joke. Right. Take my pharaoh. Please. Everybody giggles. We go. The pyramids are pointed on. Avenue. Nature. Does not change doesn't. That is one of the great truths that as soon as you learn it, you understand politics a lot better. And you stop giving up on utopian schemes because you understand people will act like people have always acted always amazed by as a guy who's been studying. What makes what is funny, and what is not my life. Timing is so important, you wouldn't even you don't even need the words in that. If it was just dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot, the timing is perfect. Right there. Yeah. Timing and the inflections amazing. What are your other headlines.

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