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Sam Houser is leave one six eight to twenty five or junior out of Stevens point, Wisconsin. Their second leading scorer at twelve point five game and Brennan Bailey at six eight one ninety freshman out of Salt Lake City, Utah. We'll start at the other forward position tonight. He's a young freshman that is very very talented. Number six one eighty to a freshman for Deanna mccutcheon high school. Langford at six fifty two freshman for new Albany, Indiana. In the post. It'll be Jon Morgan at six eight. Two senior out of waynesville, Missouri. And that of the forward spots. Justin Smith at six seventy seven southbound from buffalo grove, Illinois. Al dora. We'll get the start in the place of sack Roberts tonight because Roberts. History with a back injury that has not gone away. In fact, not playing this ball game. And Al Durham, we'll get that starting role at six four one eighty one a south Cottam lilburn, Georgia. Those are starting for these two basketball teams. Ventures never propaganda. Nine or ten players for Marquette, certainly that many and maybe more for Indiana here the season. So those are the starting lineups. Dash uniform report tonight has Indiana in a home white uniform with crimson trim and Marquette will be in their native uniforms tonight along what their goal Trump used to call the Marquette warriors, I still wish they were. But the political scenarios that take place these days. Obviously changed a lot of things. Now, there are the golden eagles. The university of businesses across the state of Indiana said Tosh uniform people. Marquette's dance to it. All the hoosiers Iraq, just under the top forty five. Marquette is ranked number twenty four and we saw tonight Villanova. There's going to have the problems that they have tonight. Marquette is in the driver's seat to be a major factor as far as race in the big east. Sorry. Establish scores. Coach tapas nail. This place is going to be. That are going to go back and forth. Even as. Indiana. Without question. A lot of high hopes for this basketball team. And once they get healthy. I think I think they're gonna be really special right now, they're battling injuries always crackers in order to find out a little bit about what some of these younger kids are made of here tonight because they're going to get a real tax. Hydros? They're going to find out is capable boring. Much better competition bigger stronger. More physical marks teams basketball is different when you're playing against bigger guys. It's just a different feel offensively. Indiana struggles for the ball last year. Good in the first two. This is the first real fast. This Indian offense consistently get wide open. Great looks at the rim. And then when they get that look at next step up and not down. If that's going to be the difference maker here tonight what's team to make shots from the game gets tight. We officials for tonight's game or Mike Stevens. Mike Roberts Bobrovsky. I've watched basketball television here. I think the last three days college basketball and Bobrovsky is in -ficiating three ball games in a row. I'm watching. He is a good official officials on a lot of different leagues. He's got farming experience. Facial. He's gone out of Indiana games. Over the years. We've seen our fair share. But that's a big time ball game here tonight on this is this place is walking. I almost wish ever game of like this. Really, no environment. Who's a couple of environments in college basketball? That's like this. When the when the hall is back tonight is a is a really nice promises really live atmospheric. You know, that's my pet. Peeve fans. They show up for the big ball games. And they struggled to get here. When it's not a big game. And they're all these days, you've got to be ready to fly guess everybody. All right. We already Broschi will toss the ball the air. Smith goes up with the THEO John John gets the tap where the ball is Marcus Howard, breaks it across the timeline. They we've around the Bailey Bailey throws outside. Takhar annum animal the dribble down throws your back side house or Hauser gives it up Marcus Howard. Howard dribbles stood top lost the handle got the basketball. Into the lane. Throws it outside of Jon Morgan holds onto a top of the key gifts to Rubio for three try any ribs it. No, good rebound off the Hauser Houser gifts to Roberts. He brings it across the strike. He drives to the right side by physi- throws up a shot off the glass on top shoddy made it and Marcus our the I two of the small. Now, here's finishing with a basketball. Good ac- bachelors. Right. The land robo takes it outside Al derby drives right to the whole scoops. Gets filed. Global handoff actions. Marquette confused didn't communicate well defensively out outdoor right in the middle of the paint left handed. But I'll tell you what every single time. He goes to the rim. He tries to finish with that. Right hands on such a soft touch. Really good playing a chance to convert to hear from the free throw line. So Al Durham or is not shot a free throw in the first two games spires. This went up there and out. That's a good start. Now. Really feel good about it. Nineteen o nine on the clock. Just underway here. The first minute Indiana tried to tie the game about Durham second free throw toss. And he does exactly that. Thing to all. Here comes our with the basketball Princeton across against Tennessee gives it up handsome barely that outside the house now. Now back to Howard lost the ball again picked up by rise against our house or puts it up, but he's fouled. Sam Houser guitar. I follow the ball game. Tried to split the defence on the ball screen action. You cannot split that head from Morgan. He is too. Good garden that ball screen Indiana aggressive with their heads defense on the ball screen causing a turnover. And the hoosiers are the best in the business causing a turnover. Then running the other way so two free throws coming now to Justin Smith the first of which is high the revenue. So three for the library. And the end of the start this game at Indiana's got the first lead that they have had now three two and a second atop coming from Justin Smith, it's on its way and got. All four three dollars, which is a sudden change from what we first two games. Across the time-barred Howard. He finds Anna Anna back outside the house. He flips it left a Howard Marcus Howard on the dribble against Robinson. Again. He comes outside the trailer. Brenda Bailey drives right throws it back outside the house or his shot is on its way off way back comes down adjusted Smith. Brings it back quickly throws left side of Donald a quarter DAL Durham back outside the rob rob direction. Little traffic slide to the right way to Smith. He brings it back. Rubio has it on the left side now Romeo. Top of the key tries to penetrate throws it up off the glass. Thanks. That was a tough. Shot. Deanna top sixty two Houser left side. Pasco bailey. Bailey frozen out of the perimeter Howard back. Right. The house around the right word. Sam Houser throws it outside the Anna. Sakari rebels it to the top drives right pulls up from sixteen. He messes rebound. Gordon for Indiana. The hoosiers. Here's three short three bounded by Rubio Lankford three go off around. Beaufort from three point land or actually over three dollars for Indiana. Back. The other way, this is Howard with the basketball. Marcus Howard tries to penetrate camp washed the ball picked up by Robbie down to Florida rise inside still. A house. Seventy five here on the first. Well, they're going to take a thirty here in the first half applies. Off to a terrific start. Turnovers tournament east into easy easy possessions from the free throw line. Great defense for this Indiana guard that ball screens going to be so Marcus our tried to come off a ball screen almost every possession Indiana's big job being right there. Once the contact heads and almost kind of like a double team calls occurred turnover. This and the team is getting out and running really good defense here. So far early in this ball game from this Indian team turning turnovers into quick and easy points. Tonight's game sponsor is burger theory restaurant and wilmington's only full service hotel Holiday Inn. We thank holiday in a burger theory for their support athletics. Well, Indiana leads eighty two to seventeen twenty five o'clock ball belongs to Marquette. How's hands at the Marcus Howard? He breaks it up across the line. Towered who's lost it? I think he's that all three turnovers at least to anyone. Now. Here's an animal. Dumps it inside the house where he works on Justice Houser takes it inside turns around forces upper shot, and it goes nice play by Sam Houser gets his first two eight two four Marquette trailing by four Indiana ball, Romeo Lankford takes it out between the circles gifts style Durham Durham rebel with a right hand slides down. The wind comes out to Jon Morgan, Hugh, fires a three. Hey ribs. It. No, good rebound taken out of their buying new face Jamal chain and the game for the first time. He gives to Howard who takes it right kicks back to Kane came. Let's go three yet. Rams. No good. And now Durham that's the ball the hands. Indiana, zombie attack finishing right-wing Romeo plank for Mullane pulls up throws LA. That is what Indiana can do. They can get to the ram and Rubio can. Here's with the basketball those left side, the Howard download Houser house breath, and it's knocked away. They're gonna call Justice for. Coachload your house. Getting the ball down low on the block to Sam Hauser who behind Marcus Howard is Marquette's best score average fourteen points a game last year at six eight. He is a talented shooter really finished well off the glass last possession. Marquette went right back to them. Joseph Chartouni has come in to replace Marcus Howard. And he passed the ball to Sam Hauser who threw up. Tied to slam. It was foul play by Jamal. Picks up. I found the ballgame and Romeo we'll go to the strike. Great outlive has their from doin. More got the defensive rebound and pushed the ball up Romeo. Had beaten. Everybody down the fort heads up play from doi- Morton, great vision. Not a lot of bigs in the country can pass the ball dribble. The ball or Super Bowl or store around the rim. Like, he's kind of do everything type of really good pass on that possession. We'll see Romeo can improve his free throw shooting far PS four parts of the game. At a pair of layups and Nari noxious for free throw in Indiana is five for five to start this game from alive. That's what we've been looking for. Just check in and out goes Justin Smith. And Romeo will have one more shot eleven four contest Indiana's on top here early. Sixteen o clock. Lankford is number two. It's on its way. And it is really no good rebound comes off to Joey Hauser who just checked. Also, what does that transfer from Nebraska here is I'm down in lull. Try to lay it up. No good kept away in the hands of having pets. There. He feeds it up to rob benefit. He goes left the door for a long. How Durham very his first three pointer. Fourteen before. Now. How's the right side to Kane left side pass to back out the Joey Hauser, Joey Hauser dribbles into the lane. Before. And how. Places. Sixteen to four. Roaring crowd. Here is how to drive pulls out the free throw line die speed. And he throws a block away by tomorrow. By Durham fantasy left side effects long three. Prey on another. Nineteen. We've got another short time out here. They might this take the stretch and take a fulltime out..

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