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Already a pretty good level. John, Don with him two to four June. If you championship games he just never won the game. But again, going back to that all I can think of is Bush mbacke ler when. When Steve Steve Fisher took over for Bill Frieder, who was leaving to go state tournament started. And he was like, no you're fired a Michigan, man. It's going to be coach Michigan. A Michigan man is now coaching Michigan John Howard. And we wish him all the best of luck. So what to make of what happened in game, one of the NBA finals? Let's break it down. We're delighted to be joined now by NBA champion and knows a thing or two about hopes. Richard Jefferson is joining us. He joins us courtesy on the shell just he just joins us. Let's. Here understand in this world do the reads and the result make sense. So we're gonna talk hoops, the thing that the thing that I took away from game. One is maybe the most generic way to look at it is one team look rusted. Another team. Look, amped is that fair. I think there is some of that I think would you look at the way the Toronto you know, the three through seven players played. It was a lot better than the warriors. The warriors played a pretty solid game. But I just don't think the warriors played the defense that they needed to play on the road in a game one. They didn't play the defense. There wasn't enough resistance in that situation in order for them to come out with victory and the raptors were sharp, obviously, we can't talk about Siaka but just their entire team. It was a balanced attack talking to Richard Jefferson on the shell Pennzoil performance line. So Richard event and of this one with Siaka. We know during this. Season. He'd be a great defensive player for them. But this kind of offense production is this, something that now we think we can count on for Toronto going game, and maybe not career highs, but this level for them in that part of their game. Well, I think Siachen has been balanced player all year. He he's probably the leading candidate for most improved player. His scoring has been fairly consistent. He's been the second best score for this team. The, the entire postseason, obviously, fourteen for seventeen is not something that you're going to see when I talk about resistance, this mangoes fourteen for seventeen has thirty two.

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