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It's the gay it's it literally is the gay as bbq's right and it's always a fun bbq it is but it's always been known to me as the game went every time i've gone it's been a gas function or a bunch of gays like it's near near to the game abraham anyway i'll say all that to say i'm here i'm i'm there for like a birthday dinner we're down in the basement part big mistake because they give you these texas saas bowls of all this liquor and sugar that people can ask we used to think that was so good what the hell and not so good so bad but it was so good everybody's there fucked up i remember i was there for somebody else's birthday and you know forgive me fran for hours petty like i remember being there for somebody's party and going to the bathroom and these people making comments like i was walking by and it was a table full of men and women and somebody made a comment i remember the dude like front running this i basically play him out to be gay and so then because somebody called me a fag or some shit and then my mom like we're at the gay is place on earth to me right now you calling me gay please as armor making a gay joker referencing atom for atom like this gay social media network like all sorts of she got him all round up to the point to where two of the women at his table like when i came out the bathroom and went back to my seat they followed me to the table that we were at and they literally started fighting like like they like broken glass and like i didn't end up fighting they were trying to find somebody else was when they came over everybody started popping shit like jumped up on them and it was like a whole last night in the bbq's my guy then we leave this bbq's like the you know i guess the cops are coming or whatever we all side in the same do that i accused of being gay is talking about he got a gun on him he's like what's up man i got my gun i got my strapped into the i'm not kidding what you should tell us food so so here's the thing right i remember the.

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