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Kevin van valkenburgh is an espn senior writer he has been covering the us open doing a great job in long island he joins us now on the shell pennzoil performance line kevin when did you know that this was going to be brooks kept his day today feeling a little bit after patrick read started to fall back that brooks is just gonna he was going to be relentless you know he's such a strong player you so rocksolid isn't really make a lot of mistakes when tommy fleetwood went out and fired a sixty three and wants to sixty two it got a little bit interesting i think that's been a little bit of time kind of hanging out with him watching him watch the golf which is interesting but i it's just too strong is this you know the the first guy to win back to back open since curtis strange the guy who guy did it to that was ben hogan so it's a pretty special accomplishment kevin what do you think that's going through woods mine the main very few were able to how a sixty three and not win usually what a sixty three s usually good enough to get it done what's going through tommy's mine right now yeah talk a little bit and he i think he feels pretty good about his performance is the highest it's ever finished in a major you know everybody out here who is kind of like a golf nerd just loves fleetwood because not only is he's super nice guy but he hits it so flush every time and so knowing that this this kind of performance was probably coming i think a little bit bummed about that putt on eighteen but he was also just saying you know what if i could have made a putt earlier in the week that you know what it gives me that one stroke you know it all they all count and so i think he maybe would have liked to hit that last putt on eighteen a little firmer but you know i think overall he's pretty happy you you got three hours to process that so he he's he's in good place kevin van valkenburgh is live at the us open we're brooks kafka has won back to.

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