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The because easy in an effect on breaking was then a minister and you got learn a who was a minister from the labour party the whole or a result escort government 96 six said seven deep look ever he could not to liberate jews lynn uh definitely moshe leon lett after our liberation of jewish fluent immediately gave away that uh he's all the temple mount who than moslem lock and now let's jump through a if you use later the netanyahu government here comes uh uh it in new credited in america donald trump he wants to stay open to uh uh to to move the ah and back and to see dan the american embassy to jerusalem whose duan who's doing every sink behind the scenes that this will not happen being in eu netanyahu uh webs with continue this uh a fear from from uh a juice submarine in nielsen am on the temple mount that's what it means when you've been in lengthy american uh when he and win america uh uh uh uh uh when america says hey it's yours so you have to do something about it and if you see competing on i'm saying goes new knows what what happened in behind the scenes knows that the american embassy is not moving to relying now because within yeah but in spite of netanyahu uh and then take the last seen in in this strange movie okay uh is the uh metal detectors and metal detectors you remember that there is.

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