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And joseph still maintained a powerful psychological hold on their followers many solar temple members who had survived the massacre weren't happy to be alive instead they told police that they were sad they didn't get to transit to serious with the rest of the group these members still believed so strongly in lucan joseph that they decided to imitate the nineteen ninety four murder suicides on december twenty third nineteen ninetyfive french police discovered the bodies of sixteen more solar temple members and their core mountains of france edith only you a former olympian was among the dead on march twenty first nineteen ninety seven the remaining eight members of the solar temple gathered together in a house in sound casimir quebec to kill themselves the parents in the group drugged their children and prepared to murder them but three of the teenage children begged their parents to let them live and they were allowed to leave the five remaining solar temple members set the house on fire and killed themselves police found the three teenagers wandering through the woods they were the only survivors of the final solar temple massacre the thirteen run of the order of the solar temple was filled with unpredictable twists and turns perhaps the most vexing issue with the temple is the secrets they took to their grave we will never know why the cult burst into flames with such a dramatic immediacy were the leaders of freight or the organizations waning popularity did they fear the government crackdowns might lead them to their demise was it an elaborate cover up so joseph and luke could escape with the fortunes of their members or did they actually believe in an imminent apocalypse with the leaders and followers of the order of the solar temple really convinced that their exodus was the only way to escape the end of the world whatever their reasoning the story of the order of the solar temple is a tragic one the massacres that took place between nineteen ninety four and nineteen ninetyseven took the lives of seventy four people and the brutal murder of tony to twas family remains one of the most violent in quebec's history will never know for sure how many of those members died willingly and how many were murdered under luke's and joseph's orders but the ugly taste of the massacres remains as a grim reminder that the short and fast burning fuse of manipulative persons can alight at any moment thanks again for tuning into colts if you want to listen to any previous episodes

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