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And all of a sudden I noticed honest sight out of mind which the distribution That Governor Murphy didn't want you to know about new church. She In fact, there was no attention to it whatsoever. It had to be members of the Fourth of state who sourced out the information that while he was supporting himself And New Jersey officials forgetting the vaccinations that already late in arriving because he hadn't applied for him an appropriately to the hospital and the long term care facilities for the senior citizens. I don't know if many of you know And Murphy had signed off very quietly. Hush hush mush mush. On vaccinating inmates and the staff A correctional facilities that any of you know that in New Jersey, huh? Did you know they didn't mate? Last week. Were interior one, eh? Southward state prison in Bridgeton. That's the largest state prison bigger than raw way up North Bigham in Trenton State town, south largest in the system, they were online to get their inoculations and I said Whoa! Hey, Murphy. How come you didn't have a press conference right there at the gates of Southwood State prison in Bridgeton because to your authorization prison, its inmates Correction. Wolf. It's his screws were getting their inoculations at the very same time that senior citizen and in the long term care facilities, and doctors and nurses in hospitals in the ers and ICUs dealing with the uptake of coronavirus patients were Why didn't you announce it? Why do you have a press conference about it? No, no, no. No. Because you figured we the people, especially you. The sucker. Taxpayer. Residents in new charity wouldn't be able to deal with the ramifications of why it is so important. That prisoners in inmates get the vaccine first. Look, I think you could make the argument states and counties to transferring inmates because the new outbreaks that closing some facilities there, enlarging other facilities, guards of falling ill all over the country. So they had to consolidate jails right now. Presently, there are 2.3 million men and women incarcerated in the United States at different levels. Federal level state level county level. Some of them couldn't make bail. A lot of memorial awaiting sentencing, IRA. I've already been sentenced 2.3 million men and women out of that 480,000 of them. Have become positive to call it a virus since the lockdown last March. That's a sizable number. 2100 of them have died out of the CEOs. The correctional officers, the screws in charge. 100,000 of them have become positive, two grown a virus because obviously it's an indoor facility. Very little fresh air that's pumped in the newer jails. In fact, I like hermetically sealed in So you're all prisoners, so to speak of the air system that's providing that air in and out of the system. 170 of those have died. The correctional officers and because of that there's early release in a lot of these states from California, which has the most incarcerated inmate to New York. We've seen it all through here. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, all within the listening sound of our £50,000 for Watts of sound. Governor Wolf Governor Lamont In Connecticut have also made the argument said. You need to do early release so that the Corona virus does not spread through their prison system said You ve holes there Women's prison systems and doesn't also in fact, a correctional officers. My number is 1 808 4 rate W A. B C. That's 1 808 489222. It's yours truly courteously was substituting for Bernard Kerik. Oh, by the way. In those credits, David Brozi. I see We've got all of his credits all of his background and he's earned that not a mention of what may be the best. There many attributes of Bernard Kerik, he ran the correctional facilities of New York City under Rudy. Whether we're 20,000 inmates. Nobody talks about that. When they were chaotic, coming off of Dinkins, there was anarchy on the rock and Rikers Island. In fact, the correctional officers a union went on strike. They took over the bridge that leads from Astoria through Stein. Way into Rikers Island. There was rioting going on, there was absolute chaos. When Rudy was selected, Thank God because he needed this city of bed. He gave the city of badly needed Kalanick, one of the first things he did in 1993 upon being sworn in. Was asked Bernard Carrot. Veteran police officer to please We're on the correctional facilities starting on Rikers Island, and you had the Queen's House of detention. Broken House of detention. Bronx House of Detention. You had the barges on the East River and the Hudson River. You had the big big barge that house person is right off the hunts point still does yet 20,000 inmates. Most of whom didn't make bail. Some of them who were doing sentences of a year or less. So they were doing their time in Rikers and others who were being transported upstate or transported down state because they had done a year or more there and were relate. Well, we're waiting either for their release downstate. Or their acceptance upstate in the prison system of the state of New York 20,000. Compared to 4.5 1000 now and comrade build the blocks held a part time maid. The dope from Park Slope wants to doom or early release more early release. Does, he says the convicts the inmates there in jeopardy of getting coronavirus. Obviously the correctional officers, too, But should they be getting the the Corona virus Vaccines first? Has anybody asked about cancer care patients. Have you heard? Anyone he mentioned? Can't see. Can't patients You heard Wolf and Pennsylvania mentioned people who are going through cancer. Cam? No. Lamont in Connecticut. No. The Cuomo in New York. No. Have you heard Ah guy who loves to call everyone a knucklehead Murphy and New Cherry. She mentioned those getting chemotherapy or other forms of cancer care. No, you would think Wow, they're immune system is shot. How would I know that Because I was going through care for chronic Crone's disease. That's the people who again in chemotherapy who look like they were survivors of the Nazi concentration camps. During the 19 forties. I think your immune system was shot. Hell, yes, it was. You think they need one shot from five have followed by a second shot. And three weeks from 50 maternal Hey, they could use three or four shots. Their immunity is so low. And yet we're giving inmates. Inmate. Where she had a New York Cuomo has jumped the queue with those going through drug rehab. That's why dope fiends. People who are in Samaritan handles Phoenix house other in living facilities for drug rehab. Guys who have done all kinds of crimes women who have done all kinds of crimes and acknowledge that and instead of going to jail, in many instances they going through in house drug rehab. That's good. So they get to Jones self. They're backed up. But do we really should we really be giving them The vaccine before we give it to people who was 75 plus in New York state, those who are most vulnerable or cancer care patients whose immune systems a shot to begin with. 1 808 for a W A B C. That's.

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