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Oh, this This is supposed to be a convenience. But you should still be able to go direct in the HP page to that exact printer model, and they'll be a drivers and support page and you should still be able to download directly the precise driver you need for that printer. That's what you need to do at this point B T stop. The smart start is should be called the stupid start because it hasn't helped you at all. And obviously it's not working. The idea was, it would figure out what you needed and downloaded. It Didn't thanks, HP Just get the printer driver yourself from the website Leo Laporte detail. Okay. If I am 6 40 e mean King live from the camp 24 hour news room. A man has been arrested in the attack of a group of Jewish diners in Beverly Grove earlier this week. Police say the attack happened after a group in a vehicle flying Palestinian flags stopped and started asking the outdoor diners. If they were Jewish authorities requested the man's bail be enhanced because it was a hate crime. Police in Baldwin Park have shot a man several times after you pulled a gun on them during a traffic stop. The shooting happened last night on Feelin Avenue. The man shot is in the hospital. No officers were injured. A number of daily Cove in 19 cases in the U. S has dropped below 30,000 for the first time since June. Going to Johns Hopkins website the U. S reported a little over 29,000 new coronavirus cases on Thursday. We've got to stall in downtown L, A and the one on one That's heading North bound at Mission wrote. It has the left lane block. It's causing heavy delays from the 60. Also in downtown L. A. Some good news on the 10 westbound that's going to be just before Santa Fe. A stalled car has been cleared from the right lane. Traffic is recovering from the one No one and in Inglewood on the four or five North bound at the one Oh, five of crash there has the carpool lane block, causing some stop and go Traffic from Rosecrans K a pie in the sky helps get you there faster. Pedro Marino, where you wanted to see, Miss. Wouldn't have you been hearing about the new government modernization efforts. Ai Arpaio's data science Things are changing at this agency and people will need new skills. I'd like you to get some.

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