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To do things their way. Let's hope this does not happen. But all the way up to them getting the majority. I think the handwriting is on the wall that this this confirmation of Cavanaugh will fail, and it'll have to be you know, we're gonna have to wait until after the election. We'll see I'd love to be wrong. You know, every indication less far as they're going to have a hard time making majorities in November. But and much of that is according to polling, but we've talked about him gone through this week. It's it's sad. As a whole that the country has to go through this, you know, whether she's lying or not. The facts remain the same and understand where I'm coming from on this, whether she's lying or not the whole thing has been trotted out with a very obvious timeline for political purposes, political reasons, and that to me, always sucks the credibility. About every and any so-called victim. Whether it's true or not the allegations. We all know this otherwise you'd be lying to yourself. If you thought, otherwise, the Democrats don't care about her all the talk about the left today from the left about how brave and courageous. She is is is is bull manufacturing for the TV cameras. The record and the reporters they don't care about her what they care about is the w the win at any cost. The win at any cost period. So even if she was gang raped by the entire sitting GOP house of representatives back in nineteen eighty two. And if that were the truth. It doesn't work now. Because of the way that it was trotted out looking at the time line again. And that to me always kills credibility. And and we've talked about this. If it's true if she's been so damaged hurt by this attempt at a sexual attack. Then it's her fault for not putting it out there. Earlier her fault for playing into the partisan politics that are making her look foolish and some ice for being upon and a very dangerous game of chess. It's her fault. And we always what known from the beginning since we've known about Dr Ford that she is a very anti-trump player. She's a very partisan player herself. She's very much against the deal with the GOP and we've seen her manifest hate against the GOP in some of the old. Visit we have of some of the protest marches that she's been in. So this could very well be just obviously what we think it is a movement to direct a to derail the Trump administration to nullify the election. I'm a bit excited. Obviously. The issue became even cloudier yesterday with that story that she's involved with a big pharmacy company. And this story has more legs have today that has a little more truth to it. It could be very well true. And this particular coupling has an abortion pill, and that's the story keeps rising to the top this morning and from her mouth apparently in board meetings. There are worries if Kavanagh's put on the high court because of the, you know, the the big profits that can be made from this this abortion pill, if he were to outlaw abortion, the prophets would be damned to hell. There wouldn't be any remember all of that hatred from the far female left Kavanagh's going to end Roe versus Wade abortion will become illegal throughout the country. That's impossible. It's one hundred and ten percent impossible as the high court does not make law and one man couldn't change it. Anyway, if he wanted to the only thing that the supreme court justices can change is their clothing seven days a week. And that's about it. So this this whole thing with the pharmaceutical relationship the abortion pill and the prophets of that Bill could be part of the saga for Dr Ford will come up and testimony. No, I don't think it will. But you know, these things have a way of spreading like a virus example. A man tweeted that his friend was sexually assaulted by Breck Cavanaugh on his boat in Rhode Island back in nineteen eighty-five. He's since apologized. He's gotten rid of the tweet. He said he made a mistake when he said cavenaugh did this Jeffrey Catalan, I believe is his name his Twitter account was a dentist and Senate documents. And when that word not back to him, he very quickly took back everything he said and apologize, but this idiot when as far as the calling Senator Whitehouse's office in the democratic Senator from Rhode Island and telling him what I just told you the two men named Brett and Mark assaulted, his friend. And now, not true, not true. But this is the kind of virus that will run through the country, and it will probably end the career of Brett Cavanaugh. And by the time, we get to that end of the saga of breakfast Kavanagh's vocation, he'll be the sound of Jack the ripper you know, what I mean? Now, there will be other things to attack today. Guest in the one o'clock hour raw poetry's there's running for the assembly in what could be a very hot race against the democrat and the Kaaba gyro he'll be joining us. And in fairness, we've reached out to her campaign. She is also agreed to join us in the near future. This could be a big battle fortress owns an almond farm with his brother. He owns a company like a hardware business. That sells a lot of products to aggies very oriented from what I understand. I've never talked to the man. But this is what we hear about him. Probably gyro is loved by farmers on the central coast and a number of them here because of how she stood up against the governor and against her own party on on water in farming. So good rice good race too strong characters and one of the strong characters will here today on the program. The other one down the road. What else? Obviously, we're going to stumble in and out of the Ford testimony today, and it's inconsistencies, and I say that because there are inconsistencies already, you know, the famous lie detector test only two questions were asked and I have them both. I keep hearing versions of these questions today. I can tell you. I've got the two questions that were asked verbatim. And you're not gonna believe him. The name Cavanaugh was not even used in the lie detector test. And when you hear the questions, you're going to see the hack dog and pony show via administration of that lie detector tests, wasn't is notice that the Democrats are not relying heavily at all on the lie detector test, if she'd passed it and flying colors with the main Cavanaugh Cavanaugh Cavanaugh Cavanaugh, that's all we would here today. They are not they are not relying on the lie detector test. And I'll tell you why soon and then the the victim the alleged victim talks about the all of the terrible things. The vile comments all the tirades that have been laid on her in fairness, shall we? Go into that list of comments that have been laid on chairman Grassley and his staff. Sure, I'll have to be on my best behavior and clean clean up. A lot of the language. Also in the news non-related, and I knew this was coming. Somebody has jumped out of the woodwork to council. Bill Cosby on prison life how to handle it. What to do, blah, blah, blah that person's name. OJ simpson. What does that make sense? Okay. Why does that make sense? It's going to be a big day. And like I say just keep the calls coming here. If you have a general comment about what's happened thus.

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