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Money box listener lure bruton summing up the frustrations that many people have when it comes to understanding the complex world of investing and pensions and we'll hit more from her and wealth planning advice a pool later in the program i mean we kupa and in this episode in our series on the death of retirement i'm going to explore the world of private pensions and it's an industry that has come in for lots of criticism for high fees poor performance and a lack of transparency in a recent report the regulators driving the industry to give consumers a better deal so in this program i'll be asking whether we can rely on the pensions industry to help us attain the comfortable retirement that many of us aspire to as we've heard in previous programmes governments a struggling to raise taxes to pay for the state pension and employers are less and less willing to fund generous pension schemes so the question today can we invest asked selves to fill the gap the government has introduced auto enrollment which means many more saving into a pension because its automatic workers on involved in looking after their retirement savings as tome mcphail pensions expert from hoggeries lansdowne explains the challenge inflicting put into a pension is how we engage with them and how we get them to think about how much to saving where the money's invested when they'll be able to afford to retire what kind of income they control in retirement to really turn that engagement going from being disengaged to fully engaged turn that on its head of that too is still very much work in progress.

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