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I didn't realize how much i enjoyed it until i started doing it more. And more and you know you get in front of an audience Theater audiences. It's completely different. Beast film Because it's live and the right there in the room with you And the energy changes every night. So yeah it's That's when i started thinking about. Hey maybe i could do this and get paid to than other people thought so too actually. So like did you. What was it first before film. I like after he got out of school. I was actually. I started working While i was in school Fortunate that way despite my professors prostate But yet no a And a t to their credit. I was horror show to to deal with when i was in how. Oh just you know how it is again. When i was eighteen. Hundred joined the french foreign legion. I come back. i'm like i knew everything. I just just an idiot like just been contrary for the sake of being. Oh yeah and thankfully. I grew out of that and i happen. Like was there something particularly happen to make you grow at or was just time. it was time it was. You know you you deal with a lot like growing up more. When i did when i was a kid and and this is not excuse. But it's just you know you you. It affects you mentally and spiritually and And then living the life of an emigrant dealing with racism all of that stuff it kind of it. mulcher psyche so I was always very defensive. And i had a temper problem when i was younger. So i like because you felt you always to prove something or absolutely absolutely. It's it's one of the reasons that you know i am. Linguistics is is what i fell into an. I love doing different dialects. It's like you know. I got to the point again. This is something. I say when i was younger it was Because people couldn't pronounce my name properly. It's pasha and these pasha wash head. I again would get defensive. And i'd be like listen. If i learned to speak your entire language you can learn to pronounce my would. Let's try.

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