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He does a good job, shifting the focus off of the violence of folks on the left. Because they know they can't defend it. They can't. They can't defend the fact that a liberal prosecutor released this guy the suspect July 5th for unlawful possession of a firearm. For inciting violence for resisting arrest. And this fluffy liberal prosecutor who's probably like anti gun decided up. Fine. Here's your gun back. It's all good. You can be on your way and sorry for your inconvenience. No charges were filed. And now this is the guy that shot and killed. A trump supporter on the streets of Portland. He was shot and killed because he was a trump supporter was Russell wasn't a confrontation. And so what? Harry did thereby saying Luc are I can't believe that you're inciting violence. Of course, bogus claim Couldn't back it up. What he's trying to do is take all of our attention off of the violence that we plainly, Khun See. On the LAPD, the thug movement that the leftists leftists have ever have spawned in this country. Here. You got Ted Wheeler. He's the feckless mayor. In Portland. There's actually a disgusting term, a sexual term that I will not use on air because we're a family show, But I think Ted Wheeler would totally fit the profile. And I hope you understand what I'm saying. Portland Protesters occupy Mayor Ted Williams Wheeler's apartment building demanding his resignation. Oh, this is so delicious with irony. So here you got Ted Wheeler, who refuses to do his job and maintain law and order who cowers and in Cottle's the crib criminals, But apparently they're not happy with him because he hasn't done enough nut job left wing stuff. A few weeks ago, We brought you a story that Ted Wheeler tried to go out and be one of the men on the left. He had his man bun all put together and he was going to go out there and smoke some weed or whatever he was going to do to show that I'm one of you upstanding arm in arm with BLM. What they did was they pelted him. With water bottles and harassed him and he had to run away. Ah, and he had his little security detail along with him so that Ted Wheeler Apparently was AH targeted on Friday night, and the activists took over his apartment building. There They are happy. I love this photograph these air what but a motley crew. Oh, yeah, and they were spray painted things and they refused to let people in the about 100. People congregated outside the building playing loud music dancing Channing. Holding various signs. Even exorcism was performed on DH. They there screaming and yelling outside. Late into the night. OK, late into the night. Can you imagine being one of Ted Wheeler's neighbors like dude? Like I didn't even vote for you. And I've got to deal with this crap. And Wheeler refuses to just pick up the phone. All Wheeler has to do. Lou is pick up the phone. And call the president. Mr President. There now targeting me in my condo because I'm not leftist. Enough, please, Mr Resident coven say months, but no He refuses to. That's why that term I was about to use on air. But of course I won't because it's a family show. It only fits him. It totally fits him. He sits there a few weeks ago and tries to curry favour by going to their protest. They turn on him. He has to run away with his security detail, and now they find out where he lives, and they show up there. And decided to make a big mass How much war has happened to this guy before he finally either resigns, or, you know, man's up and says, You know what? That's it? I've got my got my spine. I'm going to do something. You see what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna tell the police they could actually do their job. And it's just a phone call away. But it will. It will require he to finally admit that he is no longer able to handle the protesters. And he needs federal help. The day they're always excited to point to the federal government is The federal government to send us money. But when the federal government's offering to send you no assistance in crowd control with the maniac you have running around in your streets and the apartment complex lobby. Then they did. They can't seem to find the phone. I got two things that we have to talk about. Still on this top topic of urban violence and mayhem. The first. Is that the media in that press conference just an hour ago that we carried live on Kogo? They were browbeating President Trump to condemn Kyle Riton house and they were asking. Why haven't you called the family? Of Ah Ah, Jacob Blake. Also California law that change the standard for use of force. We told you it was a bad law when it was passed. And guess what. Now we see evidence of it. All right. We'll take a look at that impact that together on the day mile report, but first traffic and Lord We'll check in with Laura and just one.

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