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It's six forty two top national stories. West Virginia teachers strike extended two days af AFC chapter president Fred Albert says it's because the house tabled legislation the teachers unions oppose, but the issue could come back in twenty four hours under state rules. We are staying out one more day to make sure that this is a dead Bill tomorrow. Legistlation would create the state's first charter schools among other things a man beat his fiancee to death with a baseball bat convinced a woman, he was having an affair with to clean up the crime scene, and then burn the victim's remains while she watched that's according to Colorado. Prosecutors laid out a case against Patrick frizzy. The death of Kelsey Berith Frazee has not entered a plea federal grand jury has indicted UC Santa Cruz student for allegedly creating an app that lets customers buy cocaine, Molly, meth and other illegal drugs. Eighteen year old Colin Howard faces a long list of charges in the possibility of decades in prison. Chuck Sivertsen, ABC news and more stories. We're following for you on KFI UK of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan, thinks congresswoman Ilhan Omar should not have apologized for recent comments about Israel and Republicans ill handsome, Minnesota democrat who suggested Republican support for Israel is fueled by donations from powerful pro Israel lobbying group. Speaking in Chicago yesterday Farrakhan, called Omar sweetheart and said, the Muslim Representative shaking up the government, he also called congress corrupt. The Trump administration is launching a global campaign to end the criminalization of homosexuality in dozens of nations where it is still illegal to be gay NBC news confirms this is a bid aimed in part at denouncing ran over its human rights record openly, gay US ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell is leading effort. The US embassy is flying in LGBTQ activists from across Europe for a strategy dinner to push for decriminalization in places such as the Middle East Africa and the Caribbean. The wife of Joseph Di Angelo, the man suspected of being the east area rapist, Golden State killer has filed for divorce. That's according to court records. The Angelo is accused of thirteen murders and fifty rapes across California from nineteen seventy four to nineteen Eighty-six. He's been in jail for about ten months awaiting. What is expected to be the largest and most costly trial in California history. The couple married in plastic county in nineteen Seventy-three that was just before the east area rapist crimes began here in Sacramento, the nurse who said she was in love with Patrick Frasier is giving details on how he allegedly killed his fiancee, Kelsey Berith, Idaho. Resident crystal Kenney said frac- confessed that he beat his fiancee the death with a baseball bat and Birger body with gasoline and oil on his ranch. She made the accusation and a preliminary hearing today, and he said that phrase he collected the remains in either left them in a dump or through them in a river for Kenny to help clean up the crime scene and other testimony today. Kenny alleges that phrase e twice before had asked her to kill sheriff, the mayor of Aurora Illinois says the community will heal following last week's deadly mass shooting at a Henry, Henry Pratt company plant as a community. We will turn.

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