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Afternoon severe storms, including multiple tornadoes tore through the Tampa area this afternoon, plenty of damage left behind roofs for ripped off homes and men. Well, the horcasitas is there. Servings cell phone video captured the late afternoon tornado as it ripped through Seminole, Florida. At least three tornados touched down in the Tampa area. This one crossed the street in spring hill. The line of heavy rain and wind up rooted trees knocked down power lines and caused major damage to several homes and businesses storm really hit us pretty quick Seminole fire chief William morale, and there's no injuries. Everyone's safe. We have cleared all the buildings that have damaged. For several hours, at least five counties were under a tornado warning. After the storm road crews started clearing streets blocked by fallen trees. Some neighbors were shocked by the damage. My wife called me she succumb home now tornado. That's all she said. Chuck DeMarco says he was at the supermarket during the storm received a call from his wife praying that I would find. My house. So we were spared. And you can see emergency crews are still out surveying damage right now tonight more than fifty thousand people are without power. But Jeff some good news. The national weather service has given this area the all clear from more potential storms tonight..

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