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Our rebroadcast of Canucks in-depth with segments recorded earlier today. KNX in depth. I'm Mike Simpson. And I'm Charles Feldman for any child of the nineties. The name Luke Perry is instantly recognizable. I think you're really asking me is if there were no Kelly, would you and still be together chooses. I don't know. I love you more than I ever thought. I could love anybody. Maybe that was a problem. It was just too intense from the star of the iconic TV show Beverly Hills ninety two one is still a working actor at age fifty two, but he is now in a medically induced coma after suffering what's being called, a massive stroke. How unusual is it for someone? So young to have such an event, and what are the warning signs to look for when it comes to stroke. We will go in depth and President Trump famously insists only he is capable of negotiating successful international deals walked away from one with North Korea. Dictator Kim Yang on early this morning and. Vietnam, did the president do the right thing by walking away from a treaty that didn't strip North Korea of nuclear weapons, and should he have been negotiating with Kim in the first place. Speaking of the president yesterday's hearing with Michael Cohen likely, not the ends of the democratically controlled house, looking at Mr. Trump's business affairs, the president's son. Don, jR, be the next one in the hot seat. Also on the show. Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu facing possible criminal charges and breaking up. He's indeed hard to do. So why not outsource some of it? Yeah. There's an app for that. I knew it. Think I knew to be an advocate. But first recognizing and preventing a stroke before it is too late. Dr Amy Towfighi is a neurologist at the USC Keck school of medicine and the Los Angeles County department of health services, Dr sometimes when people hear if someone specially someone who is famous at the age of fifty two for Luke Perry having a stroke. They say right away. Wow. That's awfully young. Is it? Hi, thanks for having me. Although the risk of stroke increases as you get older it about one third of strokes actually occur in individuals younger than the age of sixty. So it's not that unusual to have a stroke at that age. And when we say massive stroke like in this case, what does that generally mean? Usually the determine is really a reserved for a large stroke that has a significant impact on a person's ability to move, and perhaps their level of consciousness. And when you have a very large stroke. There's a risk of complications from a stroke such a swelling. There are different kinds of stroke right there in the brain involved blood clots, there are other kinds that involve bleeding into the brain. Right. That's correct. Eighty five percent of strokes are due to a clot in the brain that prevents oxygen from getting to the brain. And the other fifteen percent of strokes are due to bleeding in the brain. Whether it's in the brain or around the surface of the brain, and contributing factors are what the biggest risk factors for stroke. Our blood pressure cholesterol, diabetes, physical activity, poor, diet, smoking and obesity. Guest by far is high blood pressure? Okay. Now, I going to say, I'm sure that there are an awful lot of patients perhaps some that. You see yourself who say, well, doc, I feel fine. I don't have any issues, but that isn't necessarily a good indicator is it that's true, and a lot of these risk factors that I mentioned actually don't have symptoms. So people.

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