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Welcome back to voice global. I'm peter in your host and this next conversation is part of our meet the author series in this case. I'm really excited to have this conversation. A joe taro. Who is robert louis. Shame professor of media systems in industries at the annenberg school for communications at the university of pennsylvania is well steeped. In the intersection of media marketing society and his writings explore the power dynamics shift culture materials through which learn about the world. His new book out is called voice catchers and it looks at how marketers listening to exploit your feelings. Your privacy and your wallet is a really really fascinating conversation. And you know there's been so much going on right now with regards to privacy and advertising and we can get into debt as well. I let me welcome onto the stage Joe torre joe how you doing. I'm well and thank you for that nice introduction. I appreciate it in getting this interview. Setup i did get to go and explore your background and see that. This book is just one in a series of other books Let me go and find You know some of these other books that you have written here in the in the recent years looks like just a in twenty twenty mediated a mass communications in converging world And the isles have is how retailers track your shopping strip your privacy and define your power than twenty eleven looks like he published daily. You have the advertising industry is defining your identity and your world. You're in a we keep going back but it really looks like you've had your finger on the pulse of how new technologies do have an impact on us as consumers users and as as individuals. Yes well i try. Advertising has been fascinating to me all my life. When i was a kid. I wanted to be an advertising copywriter. Once my on abc lawyer everybody expected idea lawyer. But i found that kind of boring when i was in middle school. I decided that wasn't for me. And i watched a lot of tv. So i figured. I gotta you know. Maybe somebody writes these commercials. So i started reading an age when i was seventeen. And since then i've been hooked one way or another. That's great so. I mean you talk about reading at the age of seventeen Take us take us a little further back where did you. Where'd you go to undergrad. When allows the actually later. I went to penn. I went to penn all the way through. I got my a b a in english. Then got a master's in communication and a pse and communication at penn. And then i taught for ten years at purdue in indiana. You're anna and then. I came back to pen. I've been there since while that's great A big dan purdue. I've been i went to a wedding. At purdue when time greats it's a great school a great campus it's really nice and yet so Well that's great. So you're you are a penn alum and you've come back and you are now a distinguished professor there and really kind of living at the intersection of Of new technologies and how they impact our lives. Let's let's get it in the book a little bit the voice catchers compelling titled certainly And you know chapter one When i read it. I think the the use this term the rise of this exective assistance and i thought that was compelling term..

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