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Dan, just wanna make sure you aren't washing me out of your life. I mean, I showed up for you every single day. That's loyalty over Danny who let's hang out again soon. Sorry, dandruff Carl said so long to embarrassing flakes inch with the powerful relief of cells and blue dandruff shampoo uses directed. John Roth dean. Studios getting his jet for an SEC showdown between number one Alabama number sixteen. Mississippi state. This is the KFC pre-game Joan try KFC's karnal sandwich. One of six five dollar Phillips comes with wedges a cookie and a drink. It's finger licking good. We are joined right now by crimson tide center. Ross Pierce Balkar Ross you're a senior you've been around this program for a long time. What would you say the biggest keyed Alabama success in football? I think, you know, not being complacent and getting comfortable coach Sabin and the coaching staff does a really good job of just sent a culture out here that we always need to improve no matter what the score outcome was. We've never played a perfect game and that casualness causes casualties. So I think that just going forward just continuing to improve. And just kind of, you know, keep your head to the ground. Keep working you've moved to center from guard. What is it been like dealing with that transition? I think it's gone, really. Well, so far, you know. I mean, there's always been some bumps in the road. Just learning new position for the first time trying to play at the highest level against great defensive linemen. We can week out. There's been challenges for sure, but you know, I think so far it's gone. Well, you know, like you said I've been around the program for a long time and just kind of knowing the knowledge of the offense all the calls or something like that's been been good so far. So your quarterback to what's Agatha Yola needs. No introduction. What makes him so special player? You know, the thing that I really enjoy about playing for two hours that you wouldn't really know that he's had the success that he's had so far. Just being around him. He just lights up a room. And it's always so just in a good mood all the time. And you know, he doesn't brag or boast reason cocky about anything so it's just playing for a guy like that. It just makes it really easy for us to be able to want to do our job to protect a guy like that. There's talent all over the field that Alabama. What is it like to be part of such a dominating team this season? It's really a lot of fun. I mean, just the coaching staffs. I have a lot of fun. The players are we're putting together a great game plans and just going out there and executing it makes practice a lot easier. You know, just knowing that we're going to go out there and Saturday and just you know, play great game. So I think for us just keeping that chip on our shoulder that, you know, people still don't really believe in this offense. They're not used to seeing you know, Alabama on offense out this about success. So they're kind of still people that aren't believing out there. So I just think keeping that chip on her shoulder and just going out there and prove people wrong, and you know, we've done that we can awake out. So. John Roth seen here in the progressive insurance studios in New York getting you set right here on the KFC pre-game show for a match of in the SEC between number one Alabama nine and overall number sixteen Mississippi State joined now by Alabama Senator Ross Pierce Barker Ross, Mississippi State comes into Bryant Denny today with upset on their mind. What challenges does the BULLDOGS defense present for you? When your offense. I mean, they present a great deal of issues..

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